Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday appear at what’s taking place in the globe of legalized marijuana.

Welcome also to a new year of Week in Weed soon after the quite a few cannabis-associated events of 2018, one particular can only envision what will be occupying our focus in 2019…

This week, saw the release of a disappointing report on the possibility of cannabis banks in California.  Not feasible, as they would face insurmountable hurdles.  Study the complete report for oneself right here.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the process for licensing health-related marijuana firms has come beneath query.  In addition to the constitutional troubles, the dispute among the Division of Wellness and a circuit court judge centers about how quite a few licenses can be issued and irrespective of whether vertical integration ought to be needed.  Keep tuned for extra on this situation, as the case has been appealed.

And in Massachusetts, a state Senator has plans to introduce legislation that would avert employers from firing workers for off-duty cannabis use.  We’ll be maintaining our eyes on this as properly.

Just after Michigan legalized marijuana, we speculated that Illinois or Wisconsin may be subsequent.  A state that appears unlikely to stick to their neighbor’s lead is Indiana, exactly where the governor is not a fan.

One particular huge state that hasn’t produced a move on cannabis is Texas.  Could that alter in the new year?  Only time will inform.

In international news, St. Vincent and the Grenadines has decriminalized marijuana.  And what about Ireland?  They’ve produced noises about legalizing health-related marijuana ahead of could 2019 be the year?

We’ve got a lot to appear forward to in 2019 – see you subsequent Friday!