The Week in Weed: January 18, 2019


Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday appear at what’s taking place in the planet of legalized marijuana.

Despite the fact that most people today following AG Nominee William Barr’s hearing just before the Senate Judiciary committee may well have been listening for his views on the Mueller investigation, these of us with an interest in marijuana have been asking yourself how he feels about legalized cannabis.  In an apparent break from his predecessor, Jeff Sessions, Barr stated he would not go soon after cannabis businesses.

In other federal news, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D. – Oregon) has introduced a new bill (H.R. 420, of course) that would legalize marijuana nationwide.

And in however an additional sign that marijuana is becoming a lot more mainstream, the Cannabis Trade Federation has hired 15 lobbyists to argue for key new cannabis legislation.  Due to the fact you are not seriously a legit sector till you have lobbyists.

The governor of New York has a program for marijuana legalization.  No new legislation has however been introduced.  Rhode Island, meanwhile, probably feeling surrounded by its bigger neighbors and their embrace of cannabis, is searching, albeit reluctantly, at legalization as nicely.

In Midwestern marijuana news, dispensaries have opened in Ohio, the new governor of Wisconsin has announced plans to commence legalizing health-related cannabis, and a group in Minnesota is pushing for marijuana legalization there.  The slogan “Fix pot holes with pot taxes” may well resonate in an region with lengthy winters.

Ultimately, a beer corporation in South Africa is searching to capitalize on the current legalization of marijuana in that nation.  Poison City Brewing is pushing its most up-to-date Durban Poison cannabis beer into the industry.


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