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A handful of days ago, I received an e-mail from a lady politely asking me to eliminate her “cannabis coming out” story. She wrote:

“I was just lately denied a job I wanted with mentally disabled youngsters for the reason that they Googled my name and located the post. It genuinely produced me consider about how unfair it was for them to judge me for my use of this medicinal plant. I felt silenced. I suppose I’m not all the way out of the closet about my cannabis use for the reason that other people nevertheless view it as a drug rather than a all-natural healer. I would really like to know your thoughts on how to method this as my profession path entails youngsters.”

As a longtime cannabis advocate and entrepreneur, I have spent the previous handful of years studying cannabis medicine from several various angles. Even though at Harvard Enterprise College, I worked with medical doctors to aggregate the health-related proof of the wellness positive aspects of cannabis for Alzheimer’s, ALS, Crohn’s, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS and muscle spasms. For the previous year I have been gathering thousands of survey final results on the Cannabis Feminist web-site to turn individual anecdotes into meaningful statistics about cannabis and wellness. I have watched persons use cannabis to radically transform their wellness, and I personally use cannabis on a regular basis for a assortment of medicinal positive aspects.

Twenty-nine states and Washington D.C. have implemented health-related cannabis applications, acknowledging the plant’s medicinal positive aspects and granting legal use to sick persons who require it most. It is disheartening to hear that persons continue to be marginalized for their decision to self-medicate. Cannabis is a medicine and it is time to systematically treat it that way.

The political climate is confusing. California is legalizing recreational cannabis at the precise moment Jeff Sessions is enforcing federal laws far more aggressively. The lady who wrote to me feels powerless, specifically as a person who operates with youngsters. It appears as although the federal government is missing the point, that cannabis genuinely is medicine, and in some situations, it is the only medicine. This is the case for Landon Riddle, Sophie Ryan, Alexis Bartell and Charlotte Figi, the youngsters featured in the photo above. These youngsters represent the truth about cannabis medicine. Right here are their stories:

Sophie Ryan


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