The Keefer Scraper – Stoner Toolbox


Most contemporary-day grinders function a chamber to catch and include a mound of kief for future use, but it can be a huge discomfort to eliminate the marijuana by-item when you are prepared to use it. We’ve all gotten desperate sufficient to pinch a bit involving our fingers and sprinkle it on top rated of the bowl, but is it seriously required to go this messy and wasteful route just to add the potent punch that kief packs? Definitely not! Introducing The Keefer Scraper, the new go-to stoner tool that you require to add to your toolbox.

The Keefer Scraper is created with higher-good quality, tough stainless steel. The scraper portion of this multi-goal tool is drastically bigger than your tiny, run-of-the-mill plastic scrapers. This suggests you can collect as substantially kief as you want inside one particular scoop, rather of obtaining to double back more than and more than once more for your preferred quantity. In addition to this, the other finish of the scraper is fashioned into a point, creating it the fantastic poker or packing tool for your bowls and joints.


The Keefer Scraper is a weed gadget that every single stoner must have for efficiency and effectiveness. Not only is this dual-use tool created to increase your smoking encounter, but it is also quite very affordable. This is a obtain that will preserve on providing, so what are you waiting for? Go grab your Keefer Scraper currently!


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