The Future of Health-related Marijuana Licensing


Anybody who lives in Ontario understands the burn of obtaining harmonized sales tax (HST) added to almost every single retail acquire. Even when we do not see the tax, it is nonetheless there. Booze is a great instance. On best of the LCBO’s substantial mark up on imported wines, HST is also added into the cost. The outcome is that what amounts to a $four bottle of wine in Spain mysteriously turns into a $30 bottle as soon as it hits Canadian shelves. We mention the LCBO for the reason that by numerous accounts (and if Premier Wynne has her way), this is the model the government will implement on recreational cannabis as soon as it is legalized. See a lot more information at

On the other hand, health-related cannabis below a “Shopper’s Drug Mart” framework will most likely be treated as all other medicines which by law do not incur any federal taxes. As a result, health-related marijuana license holders may perhaps get pleasure from substantial savings in this respect, even though in numerous strategies they currently do contemplating they have access to strains for as small as $three,50/gram, compassionate pricing applications and are capable to claim their health-related marijuana as a tax deductible expense.

Lately, a high profile case has brought up another highly most likely situation: health-related marijuana license holders may perhaps qualify for partial or even complete insurance coverage coverage of their health-related marijuana. Imagine…millions of Canadians getting capable to treat their myriad of well being circumstances without having paying a dime out-of-pocket for their secure, organic medicine…. Now wouldn’t that be anything?

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Why Licensing Will Matter When Legalization Takes place December 20th, 2018Plants Not Tablets

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