The 4 biggest cannabis economies in the globe


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The four Biggest Cannabis Economies in the Planet

February 28, 2017 | by Employees

If you consider that the US has the biggest cannabis economy, you are incorrect. Even though Americans do invest significantly far more on marijuana than any other created nation, there are other folks that outpace her.

A study completed by the Rand Corporation established the percentage of every single country’s GDP that represents marijuana sales. The information from the Rand study was applied in the compilation of this list of 4 biggest cannabis economies in the globe.

The GDP technique was selected alternatively of utilizing the all round size of every single nations cannabis market place for the reason that it provides a significantly clearer, far more precise image of how common cannabis is in the culture of every single nation. The USA, with only about .14% of its combined GDP coming from marijuana sales, did not make it to this list of the major 4.

#four – Slovenia


The diligent folks of the nation of Slovenia consume about $150 million dollars worth of cannabis annually. That is a substantial cannabis expenditure thinking about the nation has a population of about two million folks, t. The Rand corporation information shows that about .36% of Slovenia’s GDP comes from cannabis.

These folks are smokin.

Slovenians caught with marijuana typically spend a fine. Nonetheless, it is nevertheless the most frequently applied drug in the nation, with 15.eight% of Slovenians attempting cannabis at least when in their lifetime. Even though you can get away with the possession of tiny amounts of marijuana, there are strict laws against the sale of cannabis. These discovered guilty can appear to invest involving 1 – 10 years in prison.

Trendy ‘cannabis social clubs’ are popping up across Slovenia, as nicely. Members are asked to spend a recurring charge for access to a high-quality, comfy spot exactly where they can freely consume cannabis in the business of like-minded people.

#three – Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a population of just more than $10.five million folks. The capital, Prague is the new, hip Eastern European hub for nightlife and culture, and residence to the biggest marijuana trade in the nation. It has been referred to as the ‘Amsterdam of the East’ (which is misleading, as Amsterdam is a far more common marijuana location, but the percentage of its GDP generated from cannabis sales have been not sufficient to get it into this list).

Marijuana is not basically legal in the Czech Republic, but about 400,000 of its residents use marijuana frequently. The marijuana laws and policies of the nation are pretty liberal, and Prague has created a reputation for getting marijuana-friendly. as the authorities do not look overly bothered about the pot smoking population. You are permitted to carry up to 15 grams of cannabis for individual use with out breaking the law.

Correct cannabis enthusiasts might come across it fascinating to note that the international calling code for the Czech Republic is +420.

#two – Australia

With about $32 billion dollars getting spent on cannabis every single year, Australia is the runner up for initially spot in this ‘Largest Cannabis Economy’ list. There’s a robust marijuana culture in Australia. Even though the population of the whole nation is just about 25 million, the marijuana trade is accountable for an estimated .47% of the country’s GDP.

Cannabis use is notably far more popular amongst Australia’s indigenous population, but all round about ⅓ of the country’s residents, or $five.eight million folks, have attempted the plant at least when. About 750,000 folks are estimated to smoke marijuana on a weekly basis.

Healthcare marijuana was decriminalized in Australia in February 2016. Unique Australian states have their personal marijuana guidelines, and even though it is legal for medicinal use at the federal level, it is not legal for recreational use anyplace. The penalty for getting caught with illegal marijuana can variety from merely a fine to the requirement for therapy.

#1 – Latvia


Latvia tops the list with a whopping .64% of its GDP coming from cannabis connected sales (though a lot of folks might not be capable to rapidly point out its place on a map). The northern European nation is involving Estonia to the north, and Lithuania on its southern border. Latvia was apart of the former Soviet Republic and has a somewhat tiny population of two million folks.

Even though marijuana trade accounts for far more than $97 million, it is basically illegal to consume, develop, or sell the plant in Latvia. That been stated, cannabis is clearly a big aspect of the Latvian economy.

Folks caught with far more than 1 gram of marijuana in their possession are thought of as drug dealers by Latvian law . These caught with significantly less than 1 gram are typically capable to get away with just paying a fine that is roughly equivalent to $17 USD.

Most of the marijuana in Latvia comes from Russia or the UK, and by Western nation requirements, typically not pretty great. Cannabis customers can anticipate to spend about $18 for 1 gram of typical grade marijuana in Latvia and as significantly as $27 per gram for larger high-quality bud.


These are the 4 biggest cannabis economies in the globe according to the information from the Rand Corporation: Slovenia, Czech Republic, Australia and Latvia. Clearly, Europeans are consuming far more marijuana as per GBP than Americans. As far more nations loosen up their cannabis laws, it is fair to anticipate that marijuana will influence the GDP of these nations, and eventually, the worldwide economy.


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