Study: Marijuana Consumption Linked to Enhanced Sperm Count


Males who have consumed marijuana have higher sperm counts than these who have never ever utilized it, according to a new study published in the February 6th situation of the journal Human Reproduction.

This longitudinal study “included 662 subfertile guys enrolled at the Massachusetts Basic Hospital Fertility Center among 2000 and 2017.” The guys “provided a total of 1143 semen samples 317 guys also offered blood samples in which we measured reproductive hormones.”

Researchers located that “Men who had ever smoked marijuana had larger sperm concentration and count and decrease serum FSH [follicle stimulating hormone] concentrations than guys who had never ever smoked marijuana no variations had been observed among existing and previous marijuana smokers.”

The following is the technique researchers utilized to come to this conclusion:

Use of marijuana and other drugs was self-reported at baseline. Common protocols had been followed for measuring semen high quality, sex hormones and DNA integrity. We utilized linear mixed impact models with a random intercept to evaluate the associations of self-reported marijuana smoking at enrolment with semen parameters from subsequently collected samples, and linear regression models for sperm DNA integrity and serum reproductive hormones, even though adjusting for confounders such as smoking and cocaine use.

Under are the major final results of the study:

Males who had ever smoked marijuana (N = 365) had drastically larger sperm concentration (62.7 (95% self-confidence interval: 56., 70.three) million/mL) than guys who had never ever smoked marijuana (N = 297) (45.four (38.six, 53.three) million/mL) right after adjusting for possible confounders (P = .0003). There had been no important variations in sperm concentration among existing (N = 74) (59.five (47.three, 74.eight) million/mL) and previous marijuana smokers (N = 291) (63.five (56.1, 72.) million/mL P = .60). A equivalent pattern was observed for total sperm count. Additionally, the adjusted prevalence of sperm concentration and total sperm motility beneath WHO reference values amongst marijuana smokers was significantly less than half that of never ever marijuana smokers. Marijuana smokers had drastically decrease follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) concentrations than never ever marijuana smokers (−16% (−27%, −4%)) and there had been no important variations among existing and previous marijuana smokers (P = .53). Marijuana smoking was not related with other semen parameters, with markers of sperm DNA integrity or with reproductive hormones other than FSH. Opportunity findings can’t be excluded due to the numerous comparisons.


For a lot more data on this study, click right here.


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