Smoking CBD Buds – What are Benefits & Risks of smoking Weed?


Smoking CBD Buds – What are the Benefits & Risks?

Smoking CBD buds? Why are people smoking Weed? In this article, we will explain you the benefits and advantages of smoking female CBD buds. Furthermore, we will talk about the risks and side effects when smoking buds from high CBD strains. There are many questions asked these days. Billions of THC and Tobacco smokers are out there. Still, smoking the non-psychoactive CBD is pretty new for a lot of people. You might like the taste, the smoothness and the relaxing effect of CBD-rich cannabis buds. Therefore, we will explain you all in detail. Even how to smoke CBD Buds and how to vape it.

Let’s get started with some basics. The incomparable CBD cannabis and the regular marijuana (also called Ganja). First of all, you need to understand the difference between CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). The two substances within the cannabis plant, which partially can cancel each other out. It’s all about the genetics of each plant. We can breed plants high in THC (which gets you high) or we can grow CBD varieties, to use the medical benefits of the cannabis plant only.

Is CBD a drug that makes me addicted?

Clearly NO! Human studies presented some preliminary evidence of a beneficial impact of CBD on cannabis and tobacco dependence. CBD has several therapeutic properties on its own that could indirectly be useful in the treatment of addiction disorders, such as its protective effect on stress vulnerability and neurotoxicity.

Therefore, CBD is potentially more and intervention for Addictive Behaviors. Regarding the effects of CBD on cannabis and opioid addiction and there is one ongoing Canadian study on cocaine addiction. Te dreadful burden of substance-use disorder worldwide, combined with the clear need for new medication in the addiction field, justifies the requirement of further studies to evaluate the potential of CBD as a new intervention for addictive behaviors.

Does smoking CBD Buds get me high?

NO, not at all. Cannabidiol (CBD) is nonpsychoactive. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance that gets you high. CBD Weed is all about calm, serenity and using all medical benefits. It is a non-intoxicating compound of the cannabis plant that we use. Specially bred CBD species are cannabis varieties low on THC.

does cbd make you get high

Multiple studies have proven, that a hemp plant containing less than 1% THC is nonpsychoactive and does not get you high.

Can I fail a drug test from smoking CBD buds?

Maybe No – Maybe Yes! Why maybe? Because it’s all about the quality (THC value) and the quantity (dosage) of what you take. Drug tests screen for either THC or the carboxy-THC metabolite (THC-COOH), but not for CBD. A consumer who uses standard serving sizes of high-quality CBD hemp is highly unlikely to test positive. However, it’s important to know, that if you take extremely high doses, it may result in a positive test result. Consuming unusually large dosages of CBD, such as 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams per day, could theoretically trigger a positive for THC on a urine test. Therefore, you should only buy tested and analyzed CBD products.

cbd cannabis drug test

Ultimately, you as a consumer have to be aware of the CBD/THC ratio. If you buy CBD buds, make sure that the cannabis shop can deliver an actual lab-report of your product. Finally, make sure you have the specific regulations posed by your employer and adjust the consumption of cannabinoid products accordingly.

What about CBD & Driving?

Better not! As legal CBD hemp still contains a small amount of THC, it’s not recommended to drive. On top, there are still insufficient studies on CBD consumption and driving. Thomas Krämer, deputy director at the Institute for Legal Medicine of the University of Zurich (IRM), says: “Since CBD has numerous and sometimes quite different mechanisms in the central nervous system and thus produces a wide range of effects, it can not be ruled out that there may be a negative effect on driving ability.”

cbd consumer driving car

A drug test can turn positive at any time. The effect is different for each person. Nevertheless, some test results have shown: Even CBD can leave measurable THC traces in the body. Therefore, we advise you to stop driving after consuming CBD. This is also recommended by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

What are the benefits of smoking CBD buds?

If you want pure CBD and highest CBD values, then Buds is what you need. CBD buds are the most precious parts of each plant. It is very simple to explain and easy to understand.

Cannabis Buds (or Hemp Flowers) are the fruits of female plants. Therefore, the dried herb does contain by far the highest level of CBD (and or THC). If we analyze the CBD/THC ratio of a plant, then we measure it at the buds. Let’s look into the anatomy of a plant. As an example, we take a look at the Mountain Grades genetic, the MG Green Indica Seeds, and the plants grew indoor:

The CBD Buds 21% CBD

CBD Buds Indica were analyzed with 21.7% CBD and 0.8% THC. A CBD/THC ratio of 26:1 is very unique and one of the highest available in the European market.

CBD Leaves 4% CBD

The second highest concentration of CBD/THC will be found in the cannabis leaves. The value will be around 5 to 10 times lower than in the buds. The CBD/THC ratio will be still the same, while the values will be around 4 to 2% CBD. Therefore, CBD leaves should not be smoked but used to make Hemp Tea or Green Smoothies.

CBD Stems 0.4% CBD

0.4 to 0.2% CBD are left in the cannabis stems. This means: You have to smoke 50 to 100 times as much as from the CBD Buds to get a similar effect. Same as for leaves, it makes no sense to smoke stems. But dried CBD stems are great to cook or to boil Hemp Tea.

Cannabis Roots 0.01% CBD

Last and least: The snow-white roots of the cannabis plant are a waste. Simply, because the value is below 0.01 to 0.04% CBD. So there is no use for cannabis roots.

Now you can understand why so many people do smoke CBD buds. Smoking CBD buds is the most effective way of consuming Cannabidiol. More effective then Hemp Oil or any other cannabis extract. If you don’t mind of smoking CBD buds, be it a rolled joint or vaping, then CBD buds are the best choice for you.

What are the risks of smoking CBD buds?

Actually, the risks are very limited and can be captured in 4 important points to consider.

A) Maybe you get addicted too?

On a self-test, just last week, I wanted to know the taste of our CBD-rich Buds my self. I’ve started with a joint. Rolling it up is not so much fun unless you are very practiced. Yes, I have to admit, the taste is smooth and delicious. Therefore, I had to test how it’s like to vape CBD. For me, it was my very first time that I’ve used a Vaporizer. I was immediately impressed. That way of cannabis culture is just an amazing. The effect is clear, straight and the medical aspects of cannabis become even more value.

B) Mixed with Tobacco

If you mix CBD buds with regular tobacco, you could harm your body.

C) Smoking non-organical flowers

This can harm you as well. A lot of cannabis farmers do use a lot of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. These can be toxic and even carcinogenic.

D) Other risks are general side-effects

In general, when consuming CBD or smoking CBD buds, it’s likely to get a dry mouth, increased tremor in Parkinson’s patients, low blood pressure, drowsiness and weight reduction.

How to smoke CBD buds?

There are two major ways of smoking CBD buds:

1. Roll a wrap – a joint with papers or a blunt

Watch the video to learn how to roll a CBD joint:

Things you need to build CBD joints:

+ High quality dried female CBD buds
+ Rolling pager or a blunt
+ A filter, self made out of cardboard (not necessarily)
+ A grinder (not necessarily)

2. Vaporizing CBD buds

vaping dried female cbd buds

Vaping CBD is the easiest way. Simple and straightforward. All you need is a Vaporizer for dried herb. If you are a new newcomer then check-out our Buyers Guide and Vaporizer Test below. You will find a lot of useful information about vaping culture. Dry herb vapes are available in every good Vape Store. If you need a clear recommendation to buy the best vape available, then we could give you two choices:

For further information look at our Vaporizer Test & Buying Guide.

Where to buy CBD buds?

Buying CBD buds is a matter of trust. You should buy from a recognized and trustworthy source only. There is a lot of legal weed around but even more illegal. Before you buy and especially if you start smoking CBD buds, you should make sure that you pay attention to the following 4 rules:

– Buy from a registered and authorized company only!

In Switzerland, you can check the registration online at the commercial register website The authorization of your supplier can be checked simply by its Reverse Number. It must be printed on each packaging.

– Get organic CBD buds only!

Remember the risk of harming your body? Therefore, make sure your supplier can show you a certificate of organic growing.

– Buy analyzed CBD only!

Marketing is cool. I love it. But sometimes it can fool you as a consumer. Make sure that your Cannabidiol Supplier can show you an official lab report of each batch, stating the CBD as well as the THC value.

– Pay a little more for High Quality!

organic indica cbd hemp buds

Prices for CBD buds may vary. Buying best quality only is essential for your health as well as to benefit from cannabidiol. Low quality can harm your body. Buying low quality buds with less than 20% CBD means that you need to consume much larger quantities to profit from the medical advantages of Cannabidiol. If you are looking for some of the best legal CBD buds on the market, then try the MG Buds Indica. Available to buy online, 100% legal, 100% organic & 100% Swiss Made:

Final conclusion

Hence, smoking CBD buds is tasteful and the most effective way to benefit from the medical Cannabidiol. Finally, it does NOT get you high. On top, by using a Vaporizer to vape dried herb, you get the best of all. If you have any questions related then please let us know. Share your thoughts and experiences with smoking CBD buds. Below you can leave a comment. We love to hear from you.












What are Benefits & Risks of Smoking CBD Buds?

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What are Benefits & Risks of Smoking CBD Buds?


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