Shopping for Weed Is A Large Discomfort |


Consider about that for a minute.

Who in the hell is going to sell me a bag a pot? Everyone I knew from years ago is either dead, in a nursing household, or lives in Arizona.

Due to the fact I’d significantly rather smoke pot than drink alcohol when I’m in the mood to alter my character, I’m screwed. My option is attempt and come across some and hope I do not get swindled, beat-up, or arrested or move to a single of the states exactly where it is legal.

Sort of stupid is not it? Any individual can sit in a bar and order 25% proof beer but I have to move to either Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Denver, Maine, Massachusetts or Washington D.C. if I want to smoke a joint. I mention that since the idiotic state I reside in, Ohio, lately past  Residence Bill 37, which lifts the alcohol cap off of beer. Brewers can make 20% or larger beer.

If I had a single of the new higher powered beers, I would have problems driving household. Two?, neglect it, I wouldn’t be capable to drive. I wonder if the quantity of DUI’s will improve in Ohio at the similar time alcohol percentage in beer has?

Not only do I smoke weed to aid with the aches and pains and the deep depression of turning  into an old man, I will need it for insomnia. If I can smoke a half joint or a bowl or two prior to bed, I fall asleep in five minutes. If I do not, I toss and turn till 3 in the morning.

I would join a cooperative, or anything like that, for old individuals, if there have been members with connections for pot.

How about it, will any one sell me a bag of weed?

UPDATE: Properly, you left me no option. I basically purchased a 1/four oz. of weed on line. It was ordered, paid for and confirmed in fifteen minutes. The weed showed up in my mailbox 7 days later, no shit! It was a small additional highly-priced than buying locally but properly worth the added money.

I didn’t do this prior to since I didn’t want to go by way of the crap of mastering how to use Bitcoin. The weed guy has a hyperlink to a video that requires you by way of the entire issue. It is not as poor as I believed it would be. Do it if you want the ease of shopping for some pot devoid of leaving your home.


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