San Rafael ’71 Pink Kush


Pink Kush is a new strain from San Rafael (MedReleaf) primarily based on a classic kush flower. It is a higher THC strain (20-24%), so saddle up!

Kush is a classic relaxing all-rounder, and Pink Kush is no exception. Terpenes come in as myrcene (25%), caryophyllene (17%), and limonene (16%). So don&#8217t count on an overwhelming impact from any 1 terpene, but a good synergistic impact from all three.

Persons describe the flower as possessing pink hairs, providing Pink Kush its name, but we don&#8217t see any. Perhaps that&#8217s just a outcome of shipping? In any case it&#8217s a good trichome-wealthy flower, with vibrant green buds.

The flavour is good and sweet, but has a myrcene woody aftertaste. General Pink Kush is a good flower, substantially like the other San Rafael strains.


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