Mountain Grades – Our New Brand & Firm Name is Born


Mountain Grades – A New Brand is Born

On the way to uncover and develop a robust international brand we’ve created the name Mountain Grades and registered it as an international trademark. The registration is in procedure for the brand image as effectively as for the word mark.

Behind the Scenes – The Story of Mountain Grades&#x2122

mountain grades cannabis farm glarus switzerland

As we are a Swiss Cannabis farm and premium Hemp Manufacturer, positioned in Glarus (Switzerland), surrounded by the gorgeous Swiss Alpes, it was clear that “Mountain(s)” need to be a element of our future brand.

Our area is currently effectively recognized for higher-top quality farming of Wine, Vegetables, Herbs and Dairy merchandise. Therefore and due to the excellent increasing situations for health-related marijuana that our Area supplies, we are in a position to develop higher-top quality cannabis with really higher CBD grades. Consequently we’ve decided that “High Grade” need to be the other element of our future brand.

Just after an intensive brainstorming and a lot of discussions, our group lastly decided that Mountain Grades is the excellent brand to convey our message and to transfer internationally.

Act Nearby – Believe Worldwide

outdoor cannabis farm mountain grades glarus switzerland

Due to legal restrictions, guidelines and regulations, we are not however in a position to export any CBD solution. This is why we concentrate on our nearby business enterprise in Switzerland.

Day-to-day we obtain inquiries from guests all more than the planet, if we could send and ship our merchandise about the planet. Regrettably, we can not. Or not however.

The situation was made due to various laws and restrictions in each and every nation. Some nations even have various laws inside their regions. This tends to make it nearly not possible for us to export cannabis connected products.

Interested persons argued with us, that our merchandise are currently legal in their homeland. Yes, but if our shipment will overfly or pass one more nation exactly where these merchandise nevertheless are illegal, then we certain have the subsequent situation.

Never ever the much less, we prepare ourselves for greater days and widespread worldwide regulations of the CBD marketplace. Consequently, we have now an international brand in location and placed us in pole position if export becomes a actual target.

The Launch of Mountain Grades

Nowadays is the official launch of our new brand. To make our brand visible all more than, we’ve also decided to adjust our corporation name. Consequently, beginning from these days, our corporation name changed from BioMed CBD LLC to Mountain Grades LLC.

This adjust will also impact our site. In the subsequent view days, we will launch our new site below a new domain as effectively. Do not be concerned! We will redirect you from to automatically. Get prepared for a lot of news and a lot of excitement on our site below the new domain.

The Premium Organic CBD Hemp Brand

medical cannabis by mountain grades switzerland

It is our intent to turn into a robust worldwide brand for premium organic hemp merchandise. All manufactured by ourselves, to guarantee higher top quality and 100% legality of merchandise. We develop our personal hemp organically and procedure merchandise with enjoy. The improvement and cultivation of our personal MG Indica Strains made it feasible, to provide CBD merchandise containing much less than 1% THC but above 21% cannabidiol. A ratio of 1:30 is so far one of a kind in Europe. We will continue to drive our analysis and improvement additional so we can obtain even greater final results in the close to future. Healthcare marijuana is our passion and we are extra than pleased, to serve our customers with CBD-wealthy merchandise below the new brand Mountain Grades&#x2122.

Aid Us to Boost

As quickly as we redirect you to we would be really pleased if you give us feedback. Did you uncover any troubles? Are some hyperlinks broken? A function on our new site is not functioning any longer? Or do you have a good concept how to increase? Then please leave a comment beneath or send us a message. We enjoy to hear from you!






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