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Do you know the distinction among a “pipe” and a “bowl,” or the distinction among a “bong” and a “water pipe”? Properly, there is not a single, and that is the sort of factor that confuses lots of of our shoppers. But if you assume about it, it is not their fault: marijuana paraphernalia is applied all more than the planet, and just like with anything else, regional slang terms seldom keep in the area they come from, and the diverse terms sooner or later come to be interchangeable (just like “sub” and “hoagie” and “po’ boy” all imply “big sandwich”). As such, there are all sorts of colloquialisms we use to describe this or that piece of paraphernalia, and this week, I’ve decided to speak about all of them (or most of them, at least) to clear up some of the confusion. If you are a common smoker, most of these terms will be familiar, but you need to preserve reading anyway give your self a point for each and every term you currently know. Let’s get started…

The word “bong” refers to a tall pipe that filters the smoke by means of water it is as easy as that. But a lengthy time ago—at least, it was a lengthy time ago right here in Colorado—the word “bong” was taboo. If you went into a headshop and asked for a bong, you’d get kicked out for the reason that the term “bong” was connected with marijuana which applied to be illegal, so you had to ask for a “water pipe” alternatively. Yeah, it is stupid, but marijuana paraphernalia applied to be just as illegal as marijuana, so the headshops had to adhere to the guidelines and be militant about not promoting “bongs,” even although they had been. In this case, the two terms had been spawned by what was legal and what wasn’t, but all you genuinely need to have to know is that the term “bong” and “water pipe” refer to the identical factor (and now, you can say “bong” all day lengthy in headshops and they’re cool with it). But as a disclaimer, if the bong is genuinely little, or if it is the shape of a pipe, it is referred to as a “bubbler” for the reason that of the noise the smoke tends to make as it goes by means of the water.

As to the bong itself, the glass tube by means of which the smoke travels down into the water is referred to as the “stem,” and some stems have lots of holes in them to diffuse the smoke in the water—in this instance, the stem is referred to as a “diffuser.” But if the bong is super fancy, it’ll have a “percolator,” which is a separate chamber that diffuses the smoke a second time by means of a “tree,” which is just a bunch of smaller sized diffusers. And a lot of bongs will have an “ice catch,” which is nothing at all much more than a depression in the bong tube that is made to hold ice cubes to cool your hits (I’m a massive fan of these). Lastly, if the bowl of the bong is on major, and there are numerous mouthpieces that let much more than a single individual to smoke at after, you are smoking a “hookah,” not a bong.

Alright, on to pipes. The term “pipe” is the most widespread term (naturally), but words like “piece” or “bowl” are thrown about fairly a bit as effectively. Most of the other terms refer to the shape or size of the pipe. For instance, the word “Gandalf” refers to a pipe with a lengthy, arching stem, just like the a single Gandalf smoked all through the films. Also, for the record, Gandalf was a total stoner, and if you do not think me, Saruman has my back—in the Hobbit film, he told Gandalf that his “love for the halflings’ leaf has slowed your thoughts,” which is an apparent pot reference (yeah, I’m a nerd). And if the Gandalf pipe is smaller sized than some thing a wizard may use, it is referred to as a “Sherlock” thanks to the renowned detective’s preferred pipe. If the pipe has a flattened mouthpiece, it is referred to as a “spoon” for the reason that it appears like a single. And some old-college pipes have a metal chamber in among the bowl and mouthpiece into which you can place a little quantity of flower (the smoke flows more than the bud and coats it with resin which tends to make it much more potent) these pieces are referred to as “chamber pipes.”

If the pipe has a significant carb (the hole you cover with your finger) on the finish alternatively of the side, it is referred to as a “steamroller” for the reason that when you take your finger off the hole, the direct path of air hits you like a steamroller. Or, if you load your flower into the front of the pipe alternatively of the major, the pipe is referred to as a “chillum,” which is a term that dates back to when individuals would use “chillers” to hold their cigarettes just like Cruella de Vil did when she wasn’t busy attempting to catch dalmatian puppies. Or, if the pipe is genuinely little, it is referred to as a “sneak-a-toke” for apparent factors. But if the pipe is little and you load a little quantity into the front of it, it is referred to as a “bat.” Some bats are produced from glass, but they’re normally metal and painted to appear like a cigarette for discretion. And to take factors a step additional, a bat fits into a “dugout,” which is a wooden block that has been dug out to make space for a bat and a little quantity of flower (we sell these in our Durango dispensary, so if you need to have a visual, come see us).

The most self-expletory piece of paraphernalia is a “grinder,” which is a little box you use to grind flower. If you grind your pot and roll it into a joint and then smoke it till not considerably is left, this is referred to as a “roach” for the reason that the burnt finish appears like a roach. And as you’d picture, it is complicated to hold the roach for the reason that it is so little, so most individuals use a hemostat to hold it. But due to the fact we’re stoners, we do not use words like “hemostat”: we favor “alligator clip” or “roach clip.” I know I just applied a couple terms like “joint” that do not pertain to paraphernalia, but do not be concerned, if you are fuzzy on marijuana-associated words, I wrote an whole piece on the topic that you can study Right here.

Moving on.

As I’m certain you know, new-college cannabis concentrates, or “dabs,” are becoming fairly well-liked, and with them comes a complete new litany of slang terms, so I’ll get into that, also. The simplest device is a “vape pen,” but these are also referred to as “dab pens” or “hash pens.” Vape pens are comprised of two elements: the “battery” and the “vape cartridge,” or the “cart” for brief, but we also sell all-in-a single “disposable vape pens” that are super easy to use.

The subsequent step up would be a “dab rig,” which is a specially-made pipe you use to dab concentrates. Apart from the rig, you will also need to have a “torch” and a “dabber.” You use the butane torch to heat the “nail,” and you use the dabber (which is at times referred to as a “dab tool”) to apply the concentrate to the nail—nails can be produced from titanium, quartz, glass, or porcelain. But if the dab rig has a bowl you heat alternatively of a nail, the bowl is referred to as the “banger.” Granted, if this is some thing you are interested in attempting, I’d propose coming into our shop for a demonstration for the reason that it’d be simpler to show you how it operates than to clarify it, but I’m going to soldier on.

Some rigs have a glass “dome” that goes more than the nail, but if the rig has a banger alternatively of a nail, it normally has a “carb cap” as effectively, which is some thing you place on major of the bowl soon after placing in the concentrate so smoke does not escape. The final factor you need to have to know per rigs is that some of them are fairly higher-tech they have an “e-nail” which is an electronically-heated nail that does not demand a torch.

Nonetheless, some individuals who favor dabs do not like the size and inconvenience of utilizing a dab rig, so they’ll use a “wax pen,” which is a pocket-sized, electronic device into which dabs can be placed. But it is complicated to get a large hit from a wax pen, so some individuals favor to use a “dab straw,” which is a lengthy tube produced from glass or metal. You heat the tip of the straw with your torch, and then place it straight into the concentrate when sucking by means of the straw (which is why it is referred to as a “straw”). Lastly, if the straw is significant and it has a water chamber in the middle of it, it is referred to as a “nectar collector.”

We’re performed! I hope this cleared factors up for you if you are a novice, and if you are a common smoker, I’d appreciate to know how lots of points you got. But if you are nevertheless fuzzy on any of these terms, you are much more than welcome to come see us at 208 Parker Avenue or give us a shout at (970) 403-3710 we’ll answer all your concerns. And of course, we sell fairly a couple of of the aforementioned pieces of paraphernalia at a low cost correct right here in our Durango dispensary, for the reason that We’re Your Very best Buds!


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