Male Plants: Can They Get You Higher?


It is 1 of the most generally asked concerns in cannabis circles worldwide. Not to mention, a extremely disputed argument that generates all manner of wild and wacky claims.

The query becoming – what does science inform us about male cannabis plants? Far more particularly, is it attainable to get higher by smoking in any of the different components and elements of a male pot plant?

Male Vs Female Cannabis

There are two standard sorts of cannabis plants – male and female. That is excluding hermaphrodite plants, which we’ll be leaving out of the equation for now. As you will know, it is the female of the species that produces the additional potent elements than their male counterparts. Especially, female plants generate THC in a great deal additional generous quantities. By contrast, male plants are viewed as no much less than a nuisance by anybody not attempting to cross-pollinate distinctive strains.

As for the standard science of it, a male cannabis plant can’t generate the pollen it demands to generate seeds. They rely on the close proximity of female plants, although can eventually cease them in their tracks with regard to THC and bud-production.

Therefore, they’re pretty much constantly removed from the equation and destroyed just as quickly as their sex can be identified.

So it is a reality that female cannabis plants generate additional THC and are for that reason additional desirable. But does this imply that there is no worth whatsoever in a male cannabis plant? In terms of smoking and common consumption, are male devoid of any genuine worth whatsoever?

THC, CBD and Other Cannabinoids in Male Plants

The worth or otherwise of a cannabis plant in terms of each recreational and medicinal use derives from its makeup of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Therefore, from a strictly scientific point of view, the answer is yes – male cannabis plants do include cannabinoids like THC. Quantities differ drastically from 1 strain and specimen to the subsequent, but there’s surely THC and generally CBD in there.

Having said that, the concentrations of THC in male cannabis plants are drastically decrease than these of their female counterparts. In theory, you could technically extract additional than adequate THC from a male plant to get higher. But this does not imply you could take a bunch of male plant matter, consume it in the similar way you would a female plant and count on the similar effects.

Technically speaking for that reason, you’d want to take a significant quantity of male plant matter for the resulting mix to come close to getting the similar THC content material as a a great deal smaller sized scrap of a female plant. So even though there’s surely THC in there, it is not as uncomplicated to access.

Can You Smoke Male Plants?

If arranging to smoke matter from a male cannabis plant, you will be searching at smoking either the leaves or the pollen. Or maybe, a mixture of the two. In spite of the reality that the plant may well appear and smell like a potent cannabis specimen, it is unlikely to have even remotely as a great deal THC as comparable female plants.

Theoretically, stuffing a load of male cannabis plant matter into a bong and ripping the daylights out of it will transfer some THC into your method. Sadly, not almost adequate to really feel a great deal of something. You may well encounter a head rush, but this will be additional most likely the outcome of mild oxygen deprivation and from the THC in the plant matter.

What’s additional, the smoke itself could also be painfully harsh. Specifically when smoking cannabis leaves, you can count on a reasonably rough ride. So even though you can smoke male cannabis plants and extract at least a small THC in the approach, it is not generally deemed a very good thought.

Cannabis Edibles

If you are intent on creating the pretty very best use of your male cannabis plants, it is very best to set your sights away from smoking them. As an alternative, you want anything that can extract as a great deal THC as attainable out of your cannabis, concentrating it adequate to have an impact in the approach. Precisely why the very best point you can do with male cannabis plants is to use them to make edibles.

Of all the different recipes offered, we strongly advise sticking with cannabis butter. Not only is it uncomplicated to make, but it can be utilised in and on thousands of other dishes with small to no work needed. You can make cannabis butter as gentle or highly effective as you like, adding other flavours into the mix like garlic and/or herbs if you pick to do so.

There are endless recipes and formulas for the ‘best’ cannabis butter on the web, but the simplest method is the very best. Just add equal amounts of butter and water to a pan, heat gently and add as a great deal coarsely-ground cannabis plant matter as you like. Give the complete mixture around two hours at an particularly gentle simmer, stirring from time to time and maintaining a close eye on the temperature.

Take away the mixture from the heat, strain into a container or mould of your deciding upon and give it a couple of hours to cool. Pop it in the fridge, take it out the subsequent day and give it a attempt. Cannabis butter produced with male plants is not going to send you into the stratosphere, but could bring on a buzz nonetheless.

So…What to Do with Male Plants?

What you really should do with the male cannabis plants in your life depends totally on the situations. If you are expanding cannabis with good quality yields in thoughts, you want to eradicate males from the equation as quickly as you detect them. Likewise, avoiding males by deciding on feminised seeds in the initially location is a very good way to go.

That stated, if you do come across oneself with a bunch of male plants and wonder what to do with them, merely tossing them in the trash is a waste. It is the classic case of accepting a ‘better than nothing’ outcome, extracting the cannabinoids from your plants by any suggests vital.



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