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King’s Pipe has been producing a push to break by means of the glass ceiling, but with actually hundreds of glass providers to pick from in the USA, it can often be overwhelming to choose by means of all of the selections to uncover your great match. You have got so lots of selections from operates of art masterfully developed to inexpensive Chinese glass that may well have an eye-catching cost tag but will have you coming back to American blown glass following the initial literal drop. Smoking weed goes back as far as the discovery of hemp and cannabis, and though smoking utensils do not go as far back, they absolutely existed thousands of years ago. There have been numerous discoveries of pieces produced from all kinds of components from wood to stones to even bones and valuable metals. Water Pipes aka bongs, nonetheless, are a extra current improvement comparatively. Today, glass blowers are regarded as artists and rightfully so as some of the pieces developed these days are thoughts-boggling to appear at and can go for tens of thousands and in some instances hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nowadays We’ll be reviewing the KING’s Pipe Glass – 16 Inch Beaker Bong with Lime as effectively as going more than some of my favorite features.

Labeled Components

This scientific beaker bong has a wonderful lime green colour accent, and the KING’s pipe logo blasted on the front. And even although it is in their item description, you genuinely do not fully grasp it till you see it. I’m a major fan of pastel colors so when we got this bong in I promptly signed up to overview it. This green is not your classic lime green it is not loud or overly girly or apparent feeling but rather, is a subtle but catchy addition to the design and style. Standing16 inches tall with a constructed-in ice catcher I promptly knew this point was going to be a ripper. I have a tendency not to be capable to totally milk a bowl and clear it all in one particular breath which typically suggests my first inhale is for milking the hit and my second inhale is 100% pure sweet, sweet nectar. 

Bowl and a bong


One particular other point I promptly noticed was the thickness of the glass. If you are like me, this is the initial point I appear for in a great bong. There’s practically nothing worse than spending 100, 200, or even 300 dollars on a bong just to bring hit dwelling and have a clumsy pal or even a cat knock it off the table shattering your dreams and your new bong simultaneously. It constantly hurts to do it, but I went ahead and dropped this bong on a wood floor from 1ft, 3ft, and 5ft higher. It was just about the similar feeling you get when a person throws one thing like a football at your face as you gradually recognize you will not catch it and you have to go by means of what feels like hours of suffering in milliseconds knowing that the subsequent feeling you will have will be of discomfort. I felt as although I was watching this come about in slow motion as it descended through my fingertips to meet the approaching bamboo flooring. Fortunately it didn’t break even although the sound it produced hitting the floor irked me to the core. How shitty of a overview would this have been if the initial point that occurred to the bong was it exploding?

I’ve now had this bong for weeks. I’ve smoked every little thing out of it by now, dry herb, dry herb with shatter on major, dry herb with kief, rosin, and oil, even THCA crystalline with some herb below it for stability. THIS Issue FUCKEN RIPS. I am a blunt smoker by habit and to take a break from twisting up a great time typically suggests it wasn’t my decision but as opposed to these instances I identified myself forgetting at instances that I choose blunts.


bong and weed

Not only have I realized that perhaps I should really take a break from the tobacco cannabis combo to give my lungs a “break” but I’ve come to recall why I appreciate bongs in the initial location. The diffusing downstem(also one particular of my favourite functions) paired a hemp wick, and a fat bowl permits you to totally taste the flower and tends to make it substantially less difficult to choose apart the vibrant notes and the subtle undertones that you can soak in by busting open a nug and taking in a fresh breath. I would 100% propose this piece to everyone, and with it becoming produced suitable right here in California with a cost tag of $100, you can not go incorrect.

Blaze up, my pals.

smoking bowl from bong




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