Jenny Lewis, Wet And Avril Lavigne


This Week’s Music is a weekly column that discusses the weeks’ ideal, worst, and most exciting songs. We attempt to choose songs of distinctive artists and genres to preserve issues exciting and to please a range of music fans.

This week’s column attributes 3 pretty distinctive performers all carrying out their issue inside their personal genres. Jenny Lewis is back with a nation ballad, Wet releases a new indie song, and Avril Lavigne shows us her new pop weirdness. Verify them out!


Jenny Lewis – Heads Gonna Roll

Jenny Lewis’ most current single leans heavily into the nation genre, taking a distinctive path than her extra upbeat “Redbull &amp Hennessy.” With picturesque lyrics, Lewis’ soothing voice and Ringo Starr on the drums, there’s no space for the song to mess up, delivering a strong and emotional ballad that stands up to Lewis’ ideal function. Her upcoming album “On The Line” will be released this March and is shaping up to be a prosperous mixture of old college genres.


Wet – Old Bone

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Wet is often pushing themselves to new limits, generating exciting music that often stays with you, even hours just after you listen to them. “Old Bone” is slow, with a striking guitar and Kelly Zutrau singular voice. The band’s lyrics have a tendency to be strange, occasionally funny and often actual. While there’s no date for their new album, the singles that they’ve released more than the final couple of months have been powerful and thrilling for what’s to come.


Avril Lavigne – Dumb Blonde (Ft. Nicki Minaj)

There are handful of issues that depress me extra than Avril Lavigne’s profession. What began off as an inspiring take on the punk genre ended up as a single of the strangest versions of bubblegum pop imaginable. Not even Nicki Minaj is capable of lifting up this dud of a song. “Dumb Blonde” aims to be inspiring and empowering, perhaps a swing at the Me Also era, but it lands far off the mark and final results in Lavigne’s worst song in decades. That is a seriously higher bar.


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