Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Marijuana Sales and Ecommerce


Artificial intelligence (AI) could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the international economy by 2030 according to PWC, and on a each day basis, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine understanding are becoming commonplace in the cannabis market as much more revolutionary technologies is launched across the provide chain.

Marijuana sales and ecommerce is just a single quit on the path from seed to sale exactly where artificial intelligence is possessing a important impact. From speeding up processes, lowering errors, and saving dollars, artificial intelligence is altering the way marijuana enterprises operate and sell.

Having said that, integrating artificial intelligence into the cannabis market is not with out its challenges. Let’s take a closer appear at some particular approaches artificial intelligence is impacting the cannabis provide chain and the key obstacles cannabis enterprises face from the development of automation, machine understanding, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Ecommerce Personalization to Enhance Sales and Income

In current years, artificial intelligence and machine understanding have develop into necessary to ecommerce enterprises that want to show the most relevant goods and solutions to buyers when they take a look at companies’ internet site. When artificial intelligence is operating behind the scenes to match guests to the things they’re most most likely to acquire and displaying these things in genuine time, sales and income will boost.

It tends to make sense that marijuana enterprises would want to leverage the energy of artificial intelligence to increase their personal sales and income. For instance, when Namaste Technologies, purchased Findify last year, it seemed like a organic match.

Namaste Technologies is a major seller of health-related cannabis consumption devices and via its CannMart brand’s sales-only marijuana license, the corporation gives a wide variety of health-related cannabis goods on its internet site that are sourced from each domestic and international producers.

Findify gives artificial intelligence powered ecommerce personalization and delivery options, like customized search, item suggestions, and sophisticated information analytics to on the net retailers. Working with Findify’s artificial intelligence and machine understanding technologies, Namaste Technologies can advise the most relevant goods to shoppers when they’re searching to make a acquire thereby rising conversion prices, order worth, and consumer retention.

Apps, Chatbots, and Internet websites to Increase Buyer Service

A increasing quantity of apps, chatbots, and web sites are launching to enable marijuana buyers locate the goods they want. This aids marijuana enterprises strengthen sales and consumer relations on the net as properly as in brick-and-mortar dispensaries and retail areas.

Mobile App

Potbot is a mobile app offered in Apple’s App Retailer and the Google Play Retailer that makes use of artificial intelligence to sort via much more than 30,000 cannabis strains, study peer-reviewed health-related journals to analyze research on cannabinoids, and pair that information and facts with 37 symptoms, such as asthma and insomnia, to locate which variety is greatest to treat the particular situation.


Final year, International Cannabis Applications Corp. (GCAC), a information technologies improvement corporation for the cannabis market, announced its plans to launch Sanna, which is an artificial intelligence chatbot. It is a contemporary type of consumer service that shoppers are currently familiar with in other industries. With the chatbot, marijuana buyers can access health-related marijuana information and facts and customized item suggestions primarily based on their symptoms.

Working with much more than 10 years of consumer interactions from CannaReps’ Canna Aid Deck, machine understanding, and organic language processing, the Sanna chatbot processes and understands what’s taking place with health-related marijuana sufferers in genuine time and offers them with the most suitable information and facts and suggestions to make their acquire choices.

Web site

Marijuana buyers can also take a look at the BudGenius website to locate the suitable marijuana item for them. BudGenius makes use of cannabis test final results from its personal testing facility to collect information about every marijuana strain, and employing artificial intelligence technologies, it merges that information with scientific trial information and genuine patient user experiences.

Machine understanding makes it possible for BudGenius to strengthen every time a new scientific trial is released, and every time a patient submits a item assessment. Dispensaries can also use BudGenius to enable their sufferers select the greatest goods. Once more, it is a way to supply enhanced consumer service that really should enable to boost sales and consumer satisfaction.

Post-Sale Delivery to Increase User Experiences

Artificial intelligence is also impacting the marijuana market just after sales are created. For instance, Starship Technologies is piloting wheeled delivery robots in London, which could make marijuana deliveries primarily based on algorithms. This variety of delivery would in the end be much more expense-efficient and effective for marijuana firms.

Sales and Organization Information to Lower Investment Threat

Because sales play such a very important function in a marijuana business’ achievement, it is critical to think about how artificial intelligence is affecting investors in the marijuana market.

Predicting Cannabis Stock Adjustments

VantagePoint, a application corporation providing applications that predict stock marketplace alterations, integrated cannabis stocks in the United States and Canada into its platform this year. Working with artificial intelligence, VantagePoint identifies patterns in the information that can be utilised to make much more precise forecasts and investment choices.

Assessing Organization Threat

Adherence Compliance, which gives a mobile and cloud app for marijuana regulatory and economic compliance, launched artificial intelligence, predictive, and machine understanding algorithms final year to enable marijuana company stakeholders assess company danger. The artificial intelligence makes use of compliance information to predict which categories a marijuana license holder is most at danger to fail in.

Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Companies operating in the cannabis market expertise related challenges when integrating artificial intelligence into their operations as enterprises in other industries do. The 3 key challenges are connected to folks, information collection, and information reliability and safety.

The firms that can effectively navigate these alterations will be positioned to exploit the rewards of artificial intelligence, automation, and machine understanding for development and expense savings.

Individuals Challenges

With new technologies, like technologies that makes use of artificial intelligence, there is an employee understanding curve. For enterprises, this equates to education expenses and possibly hiring expenses if the expected talent (or willingness to find out and use the artificial intelligence technologies) is not currently on employees. Several firms could see important education expenses as properly as unavoidable employee turnover when artificial intelligence technologies is implemented.

Information Collection Challenges

Artificial intelligence technologies demands information in order to effectively integrate it into a business’ each day operations. For several firms, acquiring the spending budget to gather, standardize, and successfully index this information is a large dilemma. Having said that, the rewards of performing so are worth it in the lengthy-term.

Information Reliability and Safety Challenges

Information is normally only beneficial if it is existing, and for several enterprises, constantly collecting information to make sure it is reputable for choice-creating presents a important challenge. In addition, privacy and safety issues add a different layer to the complexity of managing artificial intelligence technologies utilised in company operations.

Regardless of these challenges, artificial intelligence technologies is the future, and cannabis enterprises that commence integrating it into their operations could set themselves up for terrific achievement in years to come when competitors that have however to leverage artificial intelligence technologies fall behind.


Artificial intelligence and machine understanding are becoming important elements of a marijuana company’s company method and with superior purpose. It delivers measurable rewards via enhanced productivity and enhanced employee choice-creating.

Additionally, the information utilised in artificial intelligence technologies enables enterprises to provide much more customized customer experiences as properly as greater excellent goods and solutions. This is correct in the cannabis market as it is in other industries that leverage the energy of artificial intelligence.

A single point is specific, if a corporation has access to artificial intelligence, it has a important competitive benefit in the marketplace more than firms that do not have the identical (or superior) predictive, genuine-time information.

Initially published six/7/18. Updated two/1/19.


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