Iconic Florida Bar Will Be Converted Into Healthcare Marijuana Dispensary


Stratford’s, the oldest bar in Hollywood, Florida, will quickly be converted into a health-related marijuana dispensary, according to media reports. Initially opened in 1938, Stratford’s Bar moved to its present place east of Interstate 95 on Hollywood Boulevard in 1944. The tavern was bought by Stadlen Loved ones Holdings for $1.five million on Jan. 28 and will be closing later this year. Right after the final final get in touch with, a cannabis dispensary will be setting up shop at the web page.

The health-related marijuana retailer will be a partnership in between the Stadlen business and Harvest Well being and Recreation Inc. of Arizona. Ben Kimbro, a spokesman for Harvest, mentioned that the house will be restored.

“We’ve got this superb iconic constructing that is in a gateway entry point to Hollywood,” Kimbro mentioned. “We want to get that house back to its original intended glory.”

Joseph Stadlen of Stadlen Loved ones Holdings mentioned that Stratford’s would stay a Hollywood landmark.

“We are not tearing down the constructing. We’re restoring it to its iconic heyday,” mentioned Stadlen. “As somebody who was born and raised in Hollywood, I recognize the significance that Stratford’s plays in the neighborhood, and I’m quite respectful of that. We never ever even believed about tearing it down.”

Hollywood Landmark

Robin Roper, the daughter of former Stratford’s owner Guy Roper, Jr., mentioned the bar and restaurant had been well-liked with lots of individuals in South Florida.

“You had just about every stroll of life, from blue-collar workers to judges to politicians,” mentioned Roper, who nonetheless lives in Hollywood. “And everybody got along. It became like an extended household. We’d open the bar on Christmas Day for individuals who didn’t have anyplace to go.”

Even the Super Bowl-winning 1972 Miami Dolphins frequented Stratford’s.

“The Dolphins had been in there all the time,” mentioned Roper. “It was their watering hole, with the low-cost drinks. They didn’t get paid then like they do now.”

Retired Hollywood detective Lee Soccol, who is now 70-years-old, mentioned that he is a third-generation Stratford’s typical.

“We’d all meet Fridays following function at Stratford’s,” mentioned Soccol, now 70. “That was the location. Every single of us would take turns acquiring a round. The beer was low-cost. They utilized to have a unique dish just about every day of the week. Guy Roper did all the cooking.”

Soccol noted that he had been going to Stratford’s because he was a kid.

“I utilized to go there as a kid with my father,” he mentioned. “The old man, Roper’s father, would give you a Mounds candy car or truck and a Coke for no cost.”

Lawyer Mark Butler of Hollywood was yet another frequent patron.

“The individuals who had been there had been generally quite friendly. You’d go in and see individuals sitting in the similar seats they generally sat in,” Butler mentioned. “I do not know who wouldn’t go unless they had their nose up their butt and didn’t want to be observed there. No Boca babies at Stratford’s.”


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