How to Make Higher Protein Cinnamon Pancakes – Nature’s Ultra


These scrumptious quick to make all-all-natural protein pancakes are quickly to be a staple in your home. No matter whether you make them for breakfast, dinner or a snack these will be your go to pancakes.

The very best aspect is they’re Straightforward! Just use your Kodiak cake mix and add vanilla, eggs and Nature’s Ultra Cinnamon CBD Oil. Take your pancakes to a complete new level!


  • two cups Kodiak Cakes Energy Cake Mix
  • two eggs (if you want added protein)
  • two-three servings of Nature’s Ultra Cinnamon CBD Oil
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • two cups of water (can use milk as substitution)

*Mix components with each other, warm up a skillet or pan and spray oil on it. Pour batter on and when you see bubbles in the mix, then flip them and let sit for about 1 far more minute or till golden brown. Take off and Get pleasure from!

Chef’s tip: Add a couple of drops of Cinnamon CBD Oil to the prime of the pancakes for an added increase.


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