How Smoking CANNABIS for a Month Impacts Your Lungs ● A Have to See !

Here’s the effects on your physique Smoking Cannabis for a Month.
Exact same experiment SMOKING a month
Exact same experiment VAPING for a month
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============== EXPLANATION of the test ===================

* identical experiment SMOKING 30 packs of cigarettes a month

* identical experiment how a lot healthier VAPING is than

* identical experiment SMOKING just (1) pack of Cigarettes

* identical experiment SMOKING only one particular Cigarette

* identical experiment SMOKING only one particular CANNABIS cigarette

* as stated in the video, this is not a scientific experiment and only offers you a visual as to what could be going in your physique. Gets little ones to consider twice and is meals for believed for adults.

* absolutely everyone knows our lungs are not cotton and glass

* is there a greater way to show it alternatively of making use of cotton? Let me know in the comments

* tobacco was not mixed with the cannabis

* pure grown cannabis was applied

* standard rolling paper was applied

* it took me a complete day to understand to roll and roll the 90 joints

* I do not smoke weed, cigarettes or vape. I was peer pressured into attempting at 12 but knew just before I attempted it that I would never ever have a second puff. Coughed for two minutes with just one particular puff.

* I did this video in response to 1000’s of commenters requesting I do it and is a continuation of the identical experiment smoking cigarettes and vaping series

* numerous scenes had been time lapsed and sped up to permit the eye to see the colour alter in the cotton take place. Actual quantity of joints smoked was 90

* every single joint was weighed and had .five to .six grams of cannabis

* does not matter if they had been all smoked in an hour, a day, a week or a month. The identical quantity of smoke comes out of 90 cannabis cigarettes

* it took three complete days to shoot the video

* the smoke was exhaled in between every single joint via a hose clearly shown twice in the video.

* none of the smoke was held as recommended by numerous commenters

* the exhale hose was hoisted 50 feet up in a tree to completely disperse the smoke in the air to be neighbourhood friendly although undertaking this video

* I have smoked a total of two joints in my life. I locate the feeling enjoyable and relaxing. I did this to make folks conscious of what is coating their lungs. Something you place in your lungs comes with threat. It is your choice to smoke and this video is just great details.

* electric fans had been going to maintain the air about me clear of second hand smoke

* the typical cannabis smoker smokes three joints a day. Information I gathered from a survey of commenters

* little ones, if any one tries to get you to vape, smoke or attempt a joint, just say no thank you and stroll away.

* only one particular factor was meant to go in your lungs and that is air

* I consider absolutely everyone agrees we ought to do our component to give little ones a great start off with a healthier life and do our very best to protect against youngsters from taking up these poor habits. Adults, If you smoke tobacco, use a vape pen or smoke cannabis, never ever let youngsters or little ones see you do it. If they see an adult undertaking it, they consider it really is ok. Make confident you are out of sight at household, at schools, outdoors of arenas or at parks .

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