How Senior Citizens Can Advantage from Employing MMJ Goods


A lot more and much more folks are finding introduced to the a lot of positive aspects of working with healthcare marijuana. With its elevated availability and recognition, senior citizens are becoming much more probably to acquire MMJ goods. Amongst 2006 and 2013, the use of cannabis by senior citizens (more than the age of 65) elevated by an astounding 250 %. In reality, the elderly make up about 14 % of all cannabis customers in the United States. And for fantastic explanation: there are really numerous approaches that healthcare marijuana can assist strengthen seniors’ physical and mental well being.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most typical ailments seniors can use MMJ goods to treat.


Several seniors turn to healthcare marijuana for assist with cancer symptoms. Due to the fact these undergoing chemotherapy are faced with extreme nausea and vomiting, MMJ goods can be valuable in alleviating these symptoms. In addition, healthcare cannabis can be beneficial in treating discomfort – without the need of the patient possessing to rely on damaging prescription painkillers. If cancer individuals are facing loss of appetite, MMJ goods can also present a much more all-natural way of stimulating their appetite.

In addition to treating symptoms of cancer, investigation has demonstrated that marijuana can really kill cancer cells. Cannabis compounds have been shown to slow down the development of distinct forms of cancer (such as breast, prostate, and lung cancers). Researchers even think that cannabis can avoid cancer cells from spreading to wholesome tissue.


This degenerative brain illness impacts about 10 % of seniors in the US (much more than 4 million folks each year). Whilst MMJ goods can assist with situations related with this illness (like loss of appetite and depression), researchers are also discovering that the marijuana element, THC, may well really assist slow the advancement of Alzheimer’s in the brain.

Parkinson’s Illness

This degenerative disorder causes brain cells that create dopamine to die, resulting in uncontrollable shaking, muscle spasms, loss of balance, and a lower in cognitive functions. A study not too long ago carried out in Israel showed that Parkinson’s individuals who smoked healthcare cannabis identified reductions in their tremors and muscle rigidity.

Chronic discomfort is typical amongst seniors, but MMJ goods can assist with relief.

Chronic discomfort

Discomfort is one particular of the most prevalent symptoms treated by MMJ. Whilst some of the topical applications can assist with discomfort in distinct places of the physique, some MMJ goods can be ingested for all round physique discomfort (like from nerve harm). Health-related cannabis can also be beneficial in alleviating joint discomfort from arthritis (which is pretty typical amongst seniors). A current study with seniors even showed that a whopping 93 % of individuals felt improvement in their discomfort symptoms though working with cannabis. The study also demonstrated that much more than 18 % of the participants have been capable to decrease or absolutely cease their opioid (painkiller) usage.

Mental Problems

Seniors are frequently diagnosed with mental well being problems, such as depression and anxiousness. Several elderly men and women rely on MMJ goods to ease these symptoms. Even though folks may well not know this, consuming problems are really typical amongst seniors. About 80 % of deaths associated to anorexia are amongst elderly individuals. MMJ goods can be employed to assist seniors maintain up their appetite and encourage much more meals intake. Insomnia is also a typical disorder for senior citizens – healthcare marijuana can assist strengthen sleep patterns so men and women are finding much better excellent sleep each evening.


This eye situation happens when there’s a buildup of fluid that outcomes in harm to the nerves in the eye. It is also the major bring about of blindness in seniors. MMJ goods can really assist to relieve the stress that develops with the buildup of fluid, developing an all round improvement in eye well being.

Health-related marijuana is not just for “young people” – it can genuinely advantage the elderly also, and much more and much more seniors are taking benefit of it!

There are numerous other situations that MMJ can assist with, such as liver inflammation, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s illness, and so forth. Due to the fact these goods do not operate like standard prescription drugs, a lot of folks report discovering virtually immediate relief from some of their tougher-to-treat symptoms.

Whilst seniors can conveniently see how they can strengthen some of their symptoms, they should really also be conscious of the other advantages they can get by working with healthcare marijuana rather of prescriptions. For instance, they can really save income by finding an MMJ card – which is super beneficial taking into consideration most seniors are living on a fixed revenue. Due to the fact there is no sales tax on healthcare marijuana in specific states (such as California), seniors can save income on all their MMJ purchases. They also have the freedom to develop their personal plants, which can be much more expense-powerful (specially given that they can develop the strains that would greatest match their remedy demands). In addition, if seniors are capable to skip taking some of their prescription drugs in lieu of working with MMJ goods, they can also see some important savings. For instance, most seniors invest about $three,000 on prescription drugs each year. Health-related cannabis customers typically only invest about $650 per year on MMJ goods!

Seniors who use healthcare marijuana goods can do so without the need of worrying about becoming addicted as they would though taking most prescription painkillers. Also, there are extremely couple of side effects when working with MMJ (like dry mouth or mild dizziness), as opposed to discomfort meds that can bring about a lot of critical troubles. Fundamentally, there are lots of causes that seniors should really start out working with healthcare marijuana to assist strengthen their well being!


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