How Does Weed Enable Athletes?


Here’s a entertaining reality: if you didn’t know, athletes smoke weed. A lot of them do, and some of them smoke a lot.

Of course, you do not hear about most of it till immediately after they’ve retired mainly because most significant sports leagues have particularly strict guidelines about drug use, but the stories these athletes inform about cannabis and its spot in our political globe are fascinating.

From staving off the discomfort of injuries (yep, athletes get injured usually) to assisting deal with the pressures of superstardom and multimillion-dollar contracts, weed’s powers appear to have a certain draw amongst expert athletes.

Let’s dig deeper.

Do Athletes Smoke Weed? Can Athletes Smoke Weed?

Following these two, the logical subsequent query is possibly “should athletes smoke weed?” Initial off, yes, athletes smoke weed. A current groundbreaking Bleacher Report interview confirmed that the world’s most effective athletes smoke weed. And it is typical know-how amongst practically every single significant sports league that they do it.

So yes, the answer to “can athletes smoke weed” is yes. They can and they certain do.

Now, are athletes permitted to smoke weed (or use cannabis in any way) by the leagues that govern their sports? That is a distinct query. Even with the prevalence of drug tests in the NFL, MLB, and NBA, players have smoked (and just maybe… nevertheless do smoke) weed regularly—during the season, and often even just before games.

Oh yeah, and so do their coaches and other men and women operating in the organizations.

“Shoot, the coaches do it,” says Shaun Smith, a retired Dallas Cowboy. “Personnel, men and women upstairs do it. Quarterbacks that do it. Captains, your leaders of the group, smoke as a lot as I do—might even smoke a lot more than me.”

So, what are the effects of smoking weed that athletes (and coaches, apparently) like so a lot?

Seven out of the 12 athletes that Bleacher Report interviewed stated that they employed cannabis for “pain management, anxiousness, insomnia—and that they have been 20-somethings who enjoyed smoking weed.”

But Is Weed Great for Athletes?

For most men and women, the optimistic effects of weed have a tendency to revolve about relaxation, “mellowing them out,” anxiousness and depression relief, and ease of sleeping.

But for athletes, the rewards of smoking weed are usually magnified, basically mainly because of their lifestyles. With gruelling schedules and usually brutal types of play (have you noticed NBA players jostling for rebounds and taking charges from 250-pound freight trains at complete speed?), their bodies take a lot a lot more punishment than the typical particular person.

We do not have to mention the type of effect that football and hockey players place their bodies via, proper?

And the aches and pains that most of us expertise? Almost certainly a three out of 10 on the expert athlete scale.

This is a single of the most important motives why the rewards of weed appear so pronounced for athletes: their bodies basically need to have the relief mainly because of their day jobs.

In contrast to steroids, weed does not actually make you stronger—perhaps much less susceptible temporarily to discomfort, but it does not influence athletic overall performance in a way that would commonly be believed of as “cheating.”
So why is weed banned from all these significant leagues?
“It’s a stereotype drug,” says Matt Barnes, ex-Golden State Warrior and NBA champion. “It’s a ‘black athlete’ stereotype drug. We are the only league that they test 4 occasions random for weed. Like, why? You are not testing for alcohol. You are not testing for, I imply, these tablets that are destroying our insides that our trainers are providing us. You know what I imply? You are testing for weed mainly because you know we like to do it.”

That is a single probably explanation. An additional a single is that cannabis basically hasn’t been studied adequate like other drugs like opioids and steroids have. We do not have adequate info to be capable to say “yes, it has a enormous and unfair adequate effect on athletes’ overall performance that we need to treat it like steroids” or “no, it does not unfairly effect athletes’ overall performance at all and we need to just let them use it to assist handle discomfort or anxiousness.”

Hopefully this study surfaces quickly even though, offered how lots of athletes have come out in help of cannabis and testified to how it is helped them deal with injuries in a safer way than other addictive drugs.

Prime Athletes Who Smoke Weed

Devoid of additional ado, we bring you the athletes who are out cannabis customers and fighting to modify the perception of this plant each in significant league sports and also in society.

Matt Barnes – NBA – “All of my most effective games, I was medicated.”

Al Harrington – NBA – “I really feel like this is the most dynamic plant on earth mainly because it does so lots of points.”

Martellus Bennett – NFL -”There’s occasions of the year exactly where your physique just hurts so terrible that you do not want to just be popping tablets all the time. … It ruins your liver. There’s a lot of these anti-inflammatories that you take for so extended that, like, it begins to consume at your liver or kidneys and points like that. And a human produced that. God produced weed.”

Ryan Clady – NFL – “We only get tested as soon as a year. Why have that a single as soon as-a-year test when it is so helpful to all the players who use it?”

John Moffitt – NFL – “It’s actually just a stigma in energy. I imply, they could just be like, ‘Let’s get rid of that a single test.’ But actually most guys can clean it up for that quantity of time and nevertheless have it for the duration of the season. I feel they know that.”

Nick and Nate Diaz – UFC – “[I’m the] Quantity A single athletic stoner – in addition to Michael Phelps.” – (Nate)

Ricky Williams – NFL – “Marijuana is 10 occasions improved for me than Paxil.”

Kenyon Martin – NBA – (On how lots of men and women in the NBA smoke weed) “It was a lot. It was men and women who you wouldn’t feel.”

Shaun Smith – NFL – “I smoked two blunts just before every single game.”

Honourable Mentions
Cuttino Mobley – NBA
Mark Stepnoski – NFL
Bill Lee – MLB


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