How Do I Measure My Joint Size?


Image this situation: a single afternoon you are cleaning your favored piece, then the unthinkable occurs: you have broken your downstem appropriate in two. Now you need to have a replacement. We’ve got you covered there. There is only a single problem, you do not know what size you need to have. Never ever worry, I’m right here to show you how to measure your joint size.

What are the Unique Joint Sizes?

Very first, when we say “joint size” what are we referring to? We’re not speaking about a actually substantial J, even though that would be good appropriate now. When men and women speak about joint size they are referring to the size of the hole the downstem goes into. There are 4 market requirements when it comes to joint size: 10mm, 14.5mm, 18.8mm and 29.2mm. Of these 4, the two most typical are 14.five and 18.8mm. From time to time you could see sizes indicated as 14 and 18mm. When other shops do this, they actually imply 14.five and 18.8mm. Glad we could clear that up. 10mm and 29.two are much less typical, but you need to know about them of course!

How do I Figure Out My Joint Size?

The easiest way to figure out your bong’s joint size is to examine your bong’s joint to the size of a regular American dime. 18.8mm is just about the size of a regular dime. If your bong is smaller sized, then it is either 10mm or 14.5mm. If it is bigger than the dime, then your bong’s joint size is 29.two.

So what do you do if your bong’s joint size is smaller sized than 18.8mm? Attempt subsequent measuring with your pinky finger. If your pinky snugly fits into the joint, then you have got a 14.5mm. If smaller sized, then you have got a 10mm piece. Uncomplicated adequate appropriate?

1 factor that you would do properly to preserve in thoughts is that not everyone’s pinky is a uniform size if you are a particular person with substantial hands, your pinky could be a bit bigger than 14.five. This is why you need to start out with the dime!

A different factor that men and women do not contemplate at occasions is whether or not or not the original downstem that came with your bong is tapered, that is whether or not a single finish is 18.eight and the other is 14.5mm. This is why it is a fantastic concept to appear at the size of your slide bowl as properly. You can figure out the size you need to have by making use of the very same techniques described above.

After you have mastered this, you know how to match any bowl and downstem to your piece! Now, you are prepared to shop for a replacement!

Image Supply: Instagram/grasscityheadshop

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