Health-related Marijuana Labeling Specifications 101 [Infographic]


Right healthcare marijuana labeling is necessary for establishing your solution in the marketplace. The very first state in the USA to legalize healthcare cannabis was California in 1996. These days, the majority of states have healthcare marijuana legalized. Having said that, not all of the states have followed this trend. As a result, there’s no federal law for healthcare marijuana labels and packaging. Health-related marijuana labeling specifications differ based on the state in which the solution is sold, and every single healthcare marijuana solution label should be in line with state regulations. Enterprises are ought to keep up-to-date with state recommendations when launching their healthcare marijuana solution. They should also make sure that their packages for healthcare marijuana solutions are tamper proof, kid-proof and in accordance with their regional laws.

If you are searching for a healthcare marijuana label for your state, or just questioning which states have healthcare marijuana legalized, verify out the infographic under. The interactive infographic sheds light on healthcare marijuana labels, labeling specifications, and laws which apply to every single state.


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