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All Harvest One particular Medicinal Solutions Sold On line to Start Carrying
BLOCKStrain-Verified Seal of Authenticity   

VANCOUVER /CNW/ – BLOCKStrain Technologies Corp. (TSX:V: DNAX) (OTC: BKKSF) (“BLOCKStrain“), creator of the initially Blockchain-secured, totally-integrated IP tracking platform for the cannabis market, announced on Feb.14 that Harvest One particular Cannabis Inc. (TSX:V: HVT) (OTCQX: HRVOF) (“Harvest One particular“), a Canadian licensed producer of healthcare cannabis, will employ BLOCKStrain’s proprietary genome tracking application to gather and register its cannabis plant DNA and strains.

By incorporating BLOCKStrain’s cannabis strain authenticity and tracking platform – the Master Genome Strain and Clone Registration Plan – into its sales system, Harvest One particular is anticipated to be capable to confirm its healthcare cannabis strains are as labelled, delivering its customers with enhanced transparency and self-confidence about its solutions. Upon completion of the collection and registration of its strains, an initial 30 Harvest One particular solutions will carry BLOCKStrain’s Seal of Authenticity, guaranteeing their origin and delivering high-quality assurance.

“This agreement with Harvest One particular is a testament to the expanding traction of our proprietary genome-to-sale application, which we anticipate to improve as much more corporations recognize the inherent and considerable worth in guarding the genetics and IP of their many strains,” mentioned BLOCKStrain’s Chief Executive Officer, Robert Galarza. “We think our one of a kind technologies will allow Harvest One particular to assure its strains and deliver customers with unparalleled assuredness about the solutions they acquire. This is of certain value for healthcare cannabis when sufferers with certain circumstances are relying on solutions to be of constant high-quality and deliver constant benefits.”

“BLOCKStrain’s technologies is intended to allow us to assure that our strain origins and content material are precisely as labelled, delivering healthcare customers with a level of certainty they could not anticipate with related, unverified solutions,” mentioned Grant Froese, Chief Executive Officer of Harvest One particular. “This enhanced level of high-quality handle is in maintaining with our mission create a worldwide property of brands, delivering life-style and wellness well being solutions to customers and sufferers in regulated markets.”

About BLOCKStrain’s Master Genome Strain &amp Clone Registration Plan

Beneath its Master Genome Strain &amp Clone Registration Plan (the “Plan“), BLOCKStrain’s group collects plant information and performs genomic sequencing in plant batches which are then registered in a blockchain-enabled database for intellectual home protection and strain validation. BLOCKStrain believes all details gathered from the plants, such as their molecular and chemical makeup, can be tracked by way of the Plan. Going forward, it is anticipated that a swift response (QR) barcode certain to each and every plant batch will be capable to reveal, amongst other items, how a plant was cloned and cultivated, and its cannabinoid content material. A video introducing the WeedMD and BLOCKStrain pilot project, representing the initially instance of industrial use of the Plan, can be found right here.

About BLOCKStrain

BLOCKStrain has created the initially integrated blockchain platform to register and track intellectual home in the cannabis market. BLOCKStrain’s technologies makes it possible for cannabis growers and breeders to determine and safe rights to their intellectual home. It also streamlines the administrative course of action and reduces the expenses of genetic and mandatory high-quality-handle testing for legal cannabis. BLOCKStrain’s technologies is proprietary, immutable and cryptographically safe, thereby establishing a single-supply, precise, validated, and permanent account for cannabis strains from ownership to industry.

About Harvest One particular

Harvest One particular is a worldwide cannabis organization that develops and offers revolutionary life-style and wellness solutions to customers and sufferers in regulated markets about the globe. Its variety of life-style options is made to improve high-quality of life. Shareholders have considerable exposure to the complete cannabis worth chain by way of 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries: United Greeneries, a Licensed Producer Satipharm (healthcare and nutraceutical) and  Dream Water International (customer), and a minority interest in Burb Cannabis (retail operations). For much more details, please visit www.harvestone.com.



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