Georgia Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Enable Development, Sale of Healthcare Marijuana


A bill introduced in the Georgia House of Representatives would legalize the cultivation and sale of health-related marijuana. Georgia has had a restricted health-related marijuana plan considering the fact that 2015. Below the plan, individuals with one particular or extra qualifying health-related situations who register with the state may perhaps possess cannabis oil with much less than five % THC. But there are no provisions for developing, transporting, or promoting cannabis legally. State Rep. Micah Gravley, a Republican and sponsor of the legislation, told regional media that the law tends to make it tough for individuals to get their medicine.

“The issue is that there’s nowhere to acquire the oil right here in the state of Georgia,” stated Gravley. “We know it is useful. We’ve noticed seizures decreased, we’ve noticed the easing of the effects of Parkinson’s, cancer, MS, Crohn’s, sickle cell anemia, and autism.”

Despite the fact that passage of the bill is not assured, it is supported by lawmakers from each parties and final month Republican Gov. Brian Kemp indicated in an interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting that he may possibly help in-state cultivation.

“I sympathize and empathize with them on that situation, and I help investigation-primarily based expansion,” Kemp stated. “Thankfully, there is some investigation that is going on in this field that will give us some fantastic information that will type of inform us how to move forward.”

Sue Rusche, president and CEO of the Atlanta-primarily based anti-pot group National Households in Action, hyperbolically declared that developing cannabis in Georgia will lead to the legalization of recreational marijuana.

“Cultivation is the kiss of death. It leads to complete legalization,” stated Rusche. “Every state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use started with legalizing cultivation of marijuana for health-related use.”

Virginia Galloway of the Faith and Freedom Coalition sang a slightly much less alarmist tune late final year when a state panel suggested expanding the health-related marijuana plan and permitting cultivation and sales.

“If anybody thinks this is not a path to legalization, they’re deceiving themselves,” stated Galloway. “The market is going to have a vested interest in legalization simply because they’re going to want to broaden their marketplace.”

License Charge Sky Higher

Below Gravley’s proposal, the state would situation only 10 licenses for cannabis cultivators to serve Georgia’s eight,400 (and increasing) registered individuals. 5 of the licenses to develop, method, and manufacture cannabis oil would go to huge businesses, with the rest becoming reserved for smaller sized operators. Significant firms would spend an application charge of $50,000, an initial license charge of $100,000, and an annual renewal charge of $50,000. Little businesses would spend an application charge of $12,500, $25,000 for the initial license, and $12,500 for an annual renewal.

Ten retail licenses could also be issued below the legislation. Dispensaries would spend $10,000 to apply, $20,000 for the 1st year’s license, and an annual renewal charge of $10,000. Licenses would be scheduled to be authorized by January 1, 2020, with licensed cannabis items becoming offered to individuals inside a different year.


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