Fleeing Marijuana Smugglers Abandon Stuck Jeep When Crossing Border Fence


Practically a dozen folks carrying bundles of cannabis fled back into Mexico devoid of their car just after it became stuck through an try to cross more than a car barrier at the international border in Arizona.

United States Border Patrol agents noticed tracks from an off-road car whilst patrolling a protected section of land 4 miles north of the border in the Sonoran Desert on Wednesday.

Agents recognized the tracks as indicators of a feasible incursion into the U.S. and summoned more personnel on all-terrain autos as effectively as an Air and Marine Operations helicopter crew to help in a search for the suspected car.

“The helicopter crew spotted a modified Jeep Cherokee, containing 11 folks and many suspected bundles of marijuana speeding south toward the international boundary, exactly where restricted border safety infrastructure is in location,” wrote U.S. Customs and Border Protection Public Affairs in a news release. “After a failed try to drive across a makeshift ramp, the Jeep became stuck on the post and rail car barrier, and the occupants fled into Mexico with the suspected marijuana.”

U.S. agents contacted officials in Mexico who deployed military law enforcement to the region, even though they have been unable to find any suspects or narcotics.

Mexican authorities seized the Jeep, and U.S. Border Patrol agents found the place of the original crossing exactly where they recovered two more homemade car ramps.

Photos: U.S. Customs and Border Protection



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