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November 20, 2018

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November 21, 2018

Flavrx cartridges are known for their great tasting THC oil. They have now released a new line of potent prefilled cartridges with improved cartridges. This company originates from Los Angeles and currently has a 4.3/5 ratings on weedmaps.com out of 472 reviews. We had mix reactions with the Flavrx cartridge review for their black label line. There new attempt at innovating their carts and improving their THC oil was a good try but there is still room for improvement.

Flavrx Black Label Cartridge THC Oil Isn’t The Strongest

The packaging label on the prefilled retractable battery combo claims to be 80% THC. We were not happy with the Grand Faddy Purple strain we tried. It didn’t feel as strong as other THC oil cartridges that claimed to be the same potency or less. The cannabis extracted oil for the GDP strain was an amber color and wasn’t as enjoyable as their clean yellow THC oil. The disposable joint from the FlavRx label had THC oil that was significantly better in strength, it felt more closer to 80% THC than the GDP strain.

FlavRx Black Label Cartridge Has Good and Bad Tasting THC Oil

The THC oil inside of the new black label cartridges from Flavrx taste good and bad. We didn’t like the taste at all from the Grand Daddy Purple strain. There was a huge difference in taste with the Sativa and Indica strains. The disposable joint which was a Sativa had some outstanding flavor with potency. We only tried the Blue Dream and Grand Daddy Purple strain which was enough to find out the quality does not justify the price. We do not recommend the Indica strains from Flavrx after being disappointed with their GDP retractable cartridge.

I let a few friends try out both the retractable indica cartridge and the disposable sativa joint. Everyone who tried them sided with the Blue Dream strain tasting significantly better than the GDP. The Grand Daddy Purple strain did not taste like the cannabis strain or grapes. The icon of grapes on the GDP strain packaging is misleading because it tasted bitter instead of sweet. Please do give us your feedback if you tried out any of the new Flavrx black label cartridges.

Flavrx Black Label Cartridges Are Overpriced

The price for these new vape cartridges are overpriced and not worth the extra money. Flavrx is trying to sell less oil for more money, they are doing this by releasing smaller sizes of prefilled vape cartridges. Instead of a full or half gram oil cartridge, they instead have a 250mg and 300mg option. The price for a quarter of a gram of their THC oil cost $45 on average before the cannabis tax. Their disposable joints which are 300mg cost $30 on average.

The retractable vape pen battery from Flavrx is refillable. This is their reason for the high price on their retractable battery that comes with a prefilled cartridge. I spoke to some dispensaries selling these, and one of them informed me that they would not carry them once they ran out. The reason was that they were simply not selling. I was supposedly the first person to ask about them in the couple weeks they had them on their weedmaps.com menu. There are better options for less such as Pure vape cartridges.

Flavrx Cartridge Lab Test Results

At the moment there isn’t any Flavrx Black Label Lab results available. However, this year in January an Instagram user sent a Flavrx cartridge to a lab for testing of contaminants. He then reported the lab results revealing Flavrx didn’t have clean oil. We can only hope this new Black Label is clean THC oil, especially with its premium price. We will provide an update to to this flavrx cartridge review once we have access to lab test results for Flavrx new line up prefilled cartridges.

flavrx lab test results

Flavrx Vape Cartridges Hit Good

Flavrx vape cartridges made some changes to their design, but it wasn’t enough to beat the competition. The new and improved disposable joint from Flavrx has superior vaping performance than its previous version. The Flavrx retractable vape pen has a nice compact size that makes it convenient to carry while traveling. It’s also very discreet and looks like a chapstick. Hits from both were smooth but could both use improvement with how big of a hit that can be achieved.

We refilled the Flavrx retractable cartridge with PURE vape oil successfully. Although its ceramic base the hits were not as big as a CCELL vape cartridge. After vaping the refilled Flavrx retractable vape cartridge we didn’t want to refill it again. It did, however, a good job vaping of the oil without wasting any of it. The disposable Flavrx joint left behind a small amount of cannabis extract oil but not enough to be upset over.

FlavRx Cartridge Review Black Label Edition

FlavRx Cartridge Review Black Label Edition



The Black Label edition from Flavrx is a good upgrade but still needs improvement with their cannabis oil and vape cartridge performance.

THC oil strength

THC oil taste

THC oil price

Vape cartridge efficiency

Lab Test Results

Flavrx Black label cartridges are overpriced and not worth the cost.

The Black Label edition from Flavrx is a good upgrade but still needs improvement with their cannabis oil and vape cartridge performance.

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