five Articles About Marijuana Law in Nevada


In Nevada’s marijuana sector, it is important to maintain up-to-date with existing events and the ever-evolving laws and regulations. A great deal like the state’s gaming sector, Nevada’s marijuana sector is strictly regulated these who fail to comply with the regulations can face severe consequences (such as the loss of one’s license).

The Connor &amp Connor group has written various articles discussing the numerous legal elements of the marijuana sector. Even though the articles beneath undoubtedly do not encompass every single law and regulation, they can serve as a beginning point for any one interested in mastering a lot more.

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Featured in Nevada Lawyer Magazine:

Marijuana Marketing on Social Media

This post examines the legal and ethical issues of marijuana marketing on social media internet sites such as Facebook. This post was also featured on the State Bar of Nevada’s Facebook web page.

Gunsmoke: Health-related Marijuana and Firearms in Nevada

This post discusses how becoming a health-related marijuana patient impacts a person’s ideal to bear firearms.

Featured in Elevate Magazine’s ‘Legalese’ column:

Conflict involving state and federal cannabis laws build tension for cannabis sufferers and their employers

Can an employer fire you for marijuana use? What if you have a health-related marijuana patient card? This post discusses the legal elements of marijuana use in the Nevada workplace.

What To Say Or Not To Say: Nevada Marijuana Marketing Restrictions 101

It is critical to stay in compliance with the Nevada Division of Taxation’s marijuana marketing needs, as violations of the recommendations can be met with serious consequences. This post discusses the numerous Nevada marijuana marketing restrictions.

The Legal Ramifications of Making use of Cannabis Even though Pregnant

Even though there is no certain law prohibiting marijuana use whilst pregnant, Youngster Protective Solutions could nonetheless get involved, as marijuana is nonetheless classified as a federally illegal substance. This post examines the prospective legal consequences of consuming marijuana whilst pregnant.


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