Exactly where is Marijuana Legal? Map of Marijuana Laws by Nation in Europe


Believe Amsterdam nevertheless is the ‘marijuana-capitol’ in the globe?

Believe once more.

In the previous years, particular states in the US produced such quick advancements in terms of their stance on:

That they surpassed the Netherlands in how legal and cost-free marijuana is.

With marijuana laws and policies altering so immediately about the globe…

It is difficult to maintain up with the present details.

Right now you are obtaining an interactive map (which is updated consistently), exactly where you can immediately see the present scenario of marijuana in your nation (in Europe).

Rapid Explanation of the Map

On this web page, you will generally locate up-to-date data about the legal status of private marijuana use in distinct nations in Europe.’ This can be healthcare or recreational.

What you will not locate on this web page is what will occur to you if you, if you get caught:

In most European nations and U.S. states, you will go to jail for a quantity of years for any of the above pointed out behaviors.

Rapid note: the ‘maximum quantity of grams acceptable’ refers to recreational marijuana use.

Or maintain reading if you want a…

Background on Marijuana Legalization Across the Globe

If you have been following marijuana-legalization efforts in basic, these examples will not come as a surprise for you:

  • In 2012 Amendment 64 was passed effectively in Colorado, following 55% of voters voted for the use and regulation of marijuana for recreational purposes, producing recreational use of marijuana totally legal
  • In 2013 healthcare marijuana was legalized in Italy and can now be prescribed by any licensed doctor
  • In 2017 healthcare marijuana was legalized in Germany and now can now be prescribed by physicians for a range of circumstances like chronic discomfort

This is but a quick list of the numerous legal adjustments which have been swooping by way of the U.S. and Europe.

1 of the major causes for this widespread raise in legalization and/or decriminalization is the following:

In the previous decades, the medicinal advantages of marijuana have been so nicely researched, that it merely can not be denied any longer:

Marijuana is a medicine, or at least can be utilized as 1.

What’s extra is that governments are beginning to comprehend what the Dutch government realized pretty early:

It is totally useless to make a fairly harmless plant illegal when there’s higher demand in society. By pushing marijuana use and cultivation into illegality, governments only make a scenario that leads to extra crime…while its use does not reduce (consider of the Prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. in the early 1900s!).

Apart from the medicinal use of marijuana, even the recreational use of marijuana has began to acquire ground as a ideal for citizens of different states and nations.


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