Dugout Pipe Assessment: Zombie Survival Kit for Stoners


At Stoner Toolbox, we’re all about merchandise that are not just intriguing, but also revolutionary and constructed-to-final. If there’s something that sums up the epitome of a stoner tool, it is a dugout pipe. These handy gadgets make smoking on-the-go, or discreet smoking, a breeze. Generally featuring a chamber to shop your green and a 1-hitter bat combined in an straightforward-to-carry case, they’re good for travel. Dugout pipes are a priceless tool in a smoker’s arsenal, and Zombie Survival Kit for Stoners has taken a classic and created it tough, effective, and cool.

The Zombie Survival Kit for Stoners surpasses the regular dugout pipe with a couple of noticeable upgrades. Very first of all, integrated in the kit is not 1, but two Smoky Stick bats. Share with a buddy or just have a backup in among bat cleanings, and you will make additional productive use of your time and power (so you can dedicate it to what truly matters, fighting zombies). The bats in a dugout pipe are spring-loaded, which makes it possible for you to retrieve them from the kit without having getting to turn it upside down and dump out all of your weed.

In addition to the additional bat, the kit also seriously maximizes the tool by such as an XXL Item Chamber that can hold up to 7 grams of your freshly ground ganja. 7 GRAMS! No additional doubling back to household base for seconds, the ZombieSKFS is constructed for efficiency and even involves an extra Secret Stash chamber in the bottom to hold two grams of greens. For your added comfort, the kit involves a poker tool for swift cleaning (or zombie stabbing) so you under no circumstances have to be concerned about a clog even though you are out on the town.

The Zombie Survival Kit for Stoners is an all-in-1 smoking tool, which tends to make it a very first-decision for us at Stoner Toolbox. Crush and water-proof, the kit is developed with function and durability in thoughts. The adjustable swivel best suggests that you can tighten as required to maintain your stash fresh. With a assortment of types and colors (if the timeless black case is not your cup of tea), there’s truly no excuse to sleep on the Zombie Survival Kit for Stoners. Will you be ready (to get blazed) when the dead arise?

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