Ditanium Desktop Vape + Enail


The Ditanium is a Desktop vaporizer for cannabis and concentrates. It is a compact dry herb vaporizer and mixture enail that can vaporize your weed and your dabs at the exact same time!

At $260, the Ditanium is a spending budget-friendly at-household vape that can take care of all your 420 vaporization wants.

The outer shell of the Ditanium is hand-treated wood and it is constructed in a way that subtly protects you from its hot surfaces. The heating rod is encased in grade two titanium which creates an ultra-effective convection heater for your dry herb. At the best of the heating rod and titanium sit an all-quartz dab nail.

Each the dry herb convection vape and the enail portions of the Ditanium are controlled by the exact same single manage knob.

The Ditanium is obtainable from Puffitup.com for $260

Ditanium Vape Assessment Video

Ditanium Dual Objective Vape

What’s excellent about the Ditanium is it can be utilized for each dry herb and for wax and concentrates with no any configuration adjustments. You can even vape dry herb and dabs at the exact same time! Simply because the dabbing dish is situated on best of the heating rod and the dry herb is loaded straight into the handpiece portion of the whip, the Ditanium is generally prepared to vape a bowl or to drop some dabs!

Vaping Weed with the Ditanium

The Ditanium is a excellent weed vape for extended sessions and all-day vaping. Fantastic for medicinal marijuana sufferers and complete-time stoners. The bowl of the Ditanium can hold as small as .08g working with the micro-dosing screens, or at small as .15g with the stock screen.

If you favor bigger loads, the Ditanium bowl can very easily hold up to a half gram of ground cannabis.

When packing smaller sized loads it may possibly be vital to lightly tamp your load to assistance it vape a lot more evenly.

Dabbing with the Ditanium

Most vapes are stretching the truth when claiming skills to vape concentrates. They typically incorporate a mesh pad or some other half-ass strategy to vaping wax.

The Ditanium delivers accurate enail functionality for a classic dabbing encounter.  It can energy via glob immediately after glob.

The nail goes up to 900F, which is also hot for dabs but best for self-cleaning mode! The carb cap can be utilized for reduced temp dabs. It is not necessary for the larger temp dabs.

The Ditanium is a dual objective vape featuring a quartz dish for dabbing as nicely as complete convection dry herb vape

Is Ditanium Worth It?

The Ditanium is going to set you back $260, which is a spending budget-friendly value when you examine to the value of any other desktop vape or higher-finish transportable dry herb vaporizer.

The least expensive enail I’ve come across is nonetheless $200 and it is just a uncomplicated nail and controller. Ugly, but functional.  The Ditanium delivers the exact same functionality though also serving as a dry herb vape station.

The quantity of weed, and time, you will be saving with the Ditanium will spend for itself inside the initial year.

Ditanium vs Arizer EQ

The Arizer EQ is the least expensive desktop vaporizer obtainable, coming in at a mere $150.

The Intense Q and the Ditanium function quite similarly as dry herb vaporizers. Each make use of complete convection, glass bowls, and a silicone whip to inhale with or connect to your favored bong.

Even though the Arizer EQ can also fill vapor bags or balloons, equivalent to the Volcano, the Intense Q does not have any strategy for dabbing or vaping cannabis concentrates. For $100 a lot more, the Ditanium looses the potential to inflate vapor bags but adds complete enail capabilities for dabbing.

Ditanium vs Volcano

The Volcano vaporizer is the best regular in balloon vapes. It is been out for almost 20 years and will nonetheless set you back $400 (immediately after coupon code “420vapezone”).

The Volcano vaporizer is a a single-trick-pony. It will vape your weed and blow up bags of vapor. That is it.

The vapor from the Volcano is not greater than the rest, but the develop top quality of the unit and all of the components are nonetheless many levels above the rest of the marketplace. German engineering at its finest.

The Volcano can vape concentrates and dabs though working with the integrated concentrate pad, nevertheless the encounter is far from dab-like and not a excellent use of concentrates.

The Ditanium is $140 less expensive and constructed out of a lot easier elements. The Ditanium can not fill vapor bags or balloons, but it can vape dry herb and dabs at the exact same time!

Ditanium vape whip or bong adapter

The Ditanium can be utilized with the whip or connected straight to your bong


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