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Rather a handful of shoppers who came in on Black Friday had been shocked to locate that we had been supplying sales—it’s an odd phenomenon, but for some purpose, folks consider that because we sell marijuana right here, we’re distinct than all the other retail retailers in Durango, but we’re not. We accept debit cards, we provide coupons, we provide discounts to veterans: we do all the typical issues that typical retailers do, even although the solution we sell is not however regarded “regular.” But I get it: getting legal weed is weird sufficient as it is, and coupons or discounts make it appear even much more surreal.

So, this week, I’ve decided to create a weblog centered on all the December discounts you can locate in our Durango dispensary. And frankly, it is one thing I require to do for myself since we have so numerous specials this month that it is hard to retain track of them all. Seriously. Let’s get started…

For a single, all our day-to-day bargains are excellent all through the month: on Monday, if you acquire a gram of flower, your subsequent gram is half-off, and this specific can be applied to 28g purchases, which saves you a ton on the ideal flower in Durango. On Tuesdays, all edibles are 15% off. On Wednesdays, all concentrates are 15% off. On Thursdays, you can take 15% off a single item of your option, like up to an ounce of a single strain of flower. On Fridays, you can choose up a a single-gram pre-roll for a buck soon after spending $50 just before tax, and on Saturdays, all our solventless concentrates are 15% off. See what I imply? I haven’t even talked about any December bargains, and it nonetheless took me a paragraph just to inform you about our day-to-day dispensary bargains.

Alright… as to December, we have all sorts of issues popping off (the holidays matter to dispensaries just as substantially as to all the “regular” retailers out there). For a single, whilst supplies final, we’re supplying a 25% discount on packs of sativa chocolate chip cookies and rosemary cheddar crackers from Love’s Oven, so if edibles are your issue, you must hurry in. We also have a handful of bottles of CBN capsules from Mary’s Medicinals that are 25% off, so if you are searching for one thing that may possibly act as a sleep help, you must get right here rapidly as properly. And if you are into vaping, we’re supplying a 20% discount on all our 200mg disposable vape pens from Sweet whilst supplies final.

But right here come the large ones: Dab December and Ho Ho Hash!

Dab December: all month extended (whilst supplies final), you can choose up two grams of Sativa Home Wax or Shatter or two grams of Wax from West Edison for $50, or 5 grams of the identical concentrates for $100. These rates are soon after tax, and if you are an individual who buys dabs, I do not have to inform you that our Dab December deal is ridiculously great.

Ho Ho Hash: all through December, we’re operating a specific on pick strains of our solventless Moroccan and Lebanese Hash. Whilst supplies final, you can choose up a single gram for $15, or 5 grams for $65, or eight grams (which is your day-to-day limit) for $100. All these rates are soon after tax, and they’ll save you a ton—any other month, eight grams of Moroccan or Lebanese Hash would expense you $336 you do not require to be a mathematician to figure out that a $226 discount is a large deal.

There. See why I necessary to create it all out? Even now, when folks come in and ask, “do you have any bargains going on?” I have to quit and consider soon after saying “yes.” If I listed them all out loud, it’d take a whilst and I’d in all probability neglect a handful of, so now, you and I each have a weblog we can study for a reminder.

That becoming stated, the true purpose I wanted to create this was to want you and yours a delighted vacation season. This time of year is normally magical, and we require all the properly-wishes that can be mustered provided all the craziness that is out there in the globe. So, if you require a small one thing to brighten your days or a present for the cannabis lover in your life (yes, we sell present cards, and we’re even supplying a $five bonus on every $50 present card), come see us and our December bargains at 208 Parker Avenue, but make positive to bring your valid I.D. that proves you are twenty-a single or older. We’ve packed December complete of all sorts of savings, since We’re Your Ideal Buds!


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