Creating a New Year’s Resolution to Cease Smoking Weed


New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen.   Either you have set a resolution and forgot it by two PM on January 1st, or you know somebody who tends to make resolutions and does not comply with through….but not several folks figure out WHY these resolutions do not take place.

Does this sound familiar?

When I know I should really quit smoking pot and never comply with by means of, I get a feeling each in the pit of my stomach and the back of my head.  It really is a weird mixture of guilt, regret, anxiousness, self-pity, and disappointment myself.   No matter how significantly I attempt to ignore the feeling, on some level, I know it is there and I cannot love what I am performing. – Anonymous

This is not going to take place to you this year.   If your objective is to quit smoking weed, We are going to make it take place.  But you need to have to be intelligent about it…and you need to have to recognize why some folks succeed and some folks fail.

New Years Resolutions by the Numbers

Roughly eight% of folks are effective in reaching their New Year’s Resolutions all of the time, and about 20% achieve their resolutions each and every other year.  Even scarier 24%  of people……1 in four By no means realize the targets they set for the New Year.1

So what’s taking place with 80% of folks.   Why are four out of five folks not reaching their resolution targets?

 The Top rated 5 Factors Resolutions to Cease Smoking Weed Fail

1.  Not Becoming Certain Adequate

Ambitions Require to be Sensible.   Sensible targets are an acronym for “Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound.”2

When you set a resolution, make confident your resolution to quit involves all of the Sensible criteria listed above.   Just saying you are going to quit is not going to be adequate to anchor you to your objective.      The Quit Marijuana Action Program involves Sensible criteria for quitting weed which includes setting a quit date and getting pretty precise about what that signifies.

two. Make Your New Years Resolution to Quit Weed Top rated Priority

I meet a lot of folks who are attempting to do to several issues at after.    When you are really serious about quitting marijuana, you need to have to place that objective initially.   You only have a finite quantity of private strength and time in the day.   For the initially 30 to 60 days of quitting, it requirements to be your definite chief aim — and practically nothing else.

All to normally I perform with folks who want to do it all at once….and it is just also significantly adjust at one particular time.     When you cease smoking weed, and commit to it, your diet plan could slip a bit, you could not be as clean, you could have anxiousness and irritability for the initially handful of weeks, and that is all normal….you only have so significantly will energy to commit on altering habits.  Invest it effectively.

You can not just wake up one particular day and entirely adjust every little thing that you want to adjust immediately about who you are…so concentrate on quitting weed till you have than nailed down as a new habit (30 to 60 days), then steadily perform on the other stuff.

three. They’re Primarily based on a Whim, Not on a Technique

Deciding to quit is just the initially step…You need to have to discover how to quit and how to remain quit.     When I was quitting, there was no method, so I struggled by means of it till I designed one particular that worked for me.

I shared that method and steadily enhanced it as far more folks worked by means of it.   That method currently is the Quit Marijuana Action Program and it is been shared and refined by 1000’s of folks.   It offers you the step-by-step blueprint to quitting weed so that you know you specifically what you need to have to do and when you need to have to do it.    It is so significantly a lot easier to obtain your way when you have a map straight in front of you.

Do not Get Trapped:

If you have attempted to quit prior to, and it did not perform, you could be trapped in an quirk of human psychology. You’d choose to do hold performing a thing that does not perform rather than attempt a thing new that Could perform — but also could fail. John Mckee

The Energy of Taking Action

Verify out this Video from the Guru Tony Robbins:

 Do This Right now:

  1. Take Action and create down a Sensible objective about quitting weed.
  2. Begin to make a method rather than just a statement to comply with by means of with it!

Require Assist?   The Quit Marijuana Action Program has you covered and will teach you how to cease smoking weed   It combines Sensible Ambitions into a method that involves e mail reminders and social assistance to make confident that your 2015 Resolution to Quit Weed comes accurate.






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