Blacklist Sesh was shut down by authorities on Sunday, February 10th. In early February, occasion organizers announced that this “Goodbye Sesh” would be the private club’s final.

Police showed up early on and notified organizers to cease their plans to hold the occasion. Regardless of the warning, Blacklist Sesh opened doors at three:30 PM. The sesh amassed 494 attendees ahead of police returned at about four:55 PM to shut the occasion down, telling attendees to leave.

As Blacklist was a private club, practically nothing was seized and no a single was arrested. Organizers have mentioned that the occasion will be up and operating quickly, and that they are searching for a permanent place to hold the common occasion.

Under, see footage of cops at the rainy Blacklist sesh.

Just a handful of weeks ago, Ganja Galaxy sesh was also shut down. Quite a few people today in the neighborhood are in an uproar about the “death” of seshes that have served as a staple to the nearby cannabis neighborhood.

“Another a single bites the dust. Ganja Galaxy, now Blacklist. When will the harassment cease?” – Andy Wagner, @sdcannablogger.


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