Chelsea Handler Kicks Off Launch of Canndescent’s New Stylus


California cannabis company Canndescent celebrated the launch of its new Stylus line of rechargeable vape pens and cartridges on Saturday night with an exclusive, invite-only party at The Montalbán theatre in Hollywood. The official tagline of the Stylus is “to write your story,” which made best-selling author, comedian and cannabis advocate Chelsea Handler the perfect celebrity guest to help kick off the launch.

The evening included a Stylus presentation by Canndescent CEO and mg contributor Adrian Sedlin, “a vape immersion experience,” and a Q&A with Handler, who had the crowd eating vaping out of her hand. “You are not a stoner just because you get high,” she said. “Do you know how much shit I get done?” She’s not kidding. In addition to a new memoir, Life Will Be the Death of Me, coming out April 9, and an upcoming Netflix documentary about white privilege, Handler revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she just signed a deal to partner with San Francisco-based operator NorCal Cannabis Company to launch her own cannabis line. 


Handler, whose go-to Stylus cartridges are Connect and Calm, will likely take some cues from Canndescent, known for its luxury flower products, sleek and sophisticated signature  bright orange packaging, and effect-driven branding.

“We conceived Stylus to inspire consumers to write their story and transform their lives,” Sedlin told his guests. “For this to happen, the product must invigorate the five senses from the moment they see its silhouette, feel its velvety weight, smell its bouquet, taste its essence, and ultimately, exhale with a renewed outlook.”

The Stylus rechargeable vape pen ($60) and its matching 200-draw, ultra-premium cartridges ($50) in Canndescent’s five signature effects—Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge—are available in select California dispensaries now.

See photos from the launch event, below.


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