Chad PadgettFrom Oxycodone Addict to Herbalist Barber


Raised in the Heartland of America, Chad Padgett became a Mid-Western statistic when he became addicted to Oxycodone and methadone in his house state of Indiana, but then discovered appreciate and a new profession, soon after replacing the addiction with cannabis and other advantageous herbs.

Oxycodone abuse is now viewed as an epidemic across the nation. According to Good friends of, with Indiana’s seven interstate highway systems and 20 U.S. highways, with international shipping off the St. Lawrence Seaway program through Lake Michigan, Indiana has develop into a drug transportation and distribution hub.

But, like numerous who develop into addicted to prescription opioids, 41-year-old Padgett didn’t get his drugs off the black industry, they have been prescribed for critical ailments by his physician in the tiny town of Walton, exactly where he has produced his house.

Seven Years to Reside

Just after removal of his spleen in 1990, then his gallbladder in 1992, by fall of 2007, he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis leaving him officially disabled. By 2008, Padgett was told he would probably be dead inside seven years, from chronic pancreatitis that would lead to diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

“After becoming place on methadone and oxycodone, then possessing many endoscopic ultra-sounds with discomfort block procedures, two endoscopic procedures, then a stint placed in my pancreas, I was advised that I required pancreatic enzymes and a dilaudid discomfort pump inserted into my spine,” Padgett shared. The oxycodone was no longer operating on its personal, so, I was then prescribed methadone along with the oxycodone, with an improve to 90 milligrams of each, every day.”

By 2013, soon after six years of procedures, with 1 year left to meet his doctor’s seven year death sentence, and eventual addiction to oxycodone and methadone, Padgett decided he wasn’t going to lay, gradually dying, in a hospital bed for the alleged final year of his life.

The Energy of Plants

“That’s when I attempted a uncomplicated cannabis vegetable glycerin tincture,” he explained. “My Oxycodone intake dropped from 90 milligrams a day to 30 milligrams instantly. I only had a ten day provide of the tincture, and the initially day devoid of it I was back to 90 milligrams of oxycodone.”

In Chad’s thoughts, the knowledge told him he required a larger concentration of cannabis-primarily based medicine for continued relief.

“I then obtained 20 grams of higher THC complete extract cannabis oil and effectively treated my Chronic Pancreatitis, when simultaneously coming off all of the narcotics in a 3 week period at house.”

Padgett mentioned he’s been narcotic-absolutely free due to the fact then, with no hunting back, as the rewards of cannabis replaced the discomfort killers, when placing his chronic illness into remission. Crucial to note, the analgesic effects of the cannabis, along with its anti-nausea properties, quell the harsh withdrawal symptoms related with transitioning off opioids.

Problems is, Indiana is not legal for cannabis as medicine, and Padgett could have gone to prison for what’s frequently referred to as becoming “illegally healed.”

“Now I’m focused on altering Indiana’s Draconian cannabis laws,” he declared. “I was Indiana’s speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) for a handful of years, and that permitted me to testify in the Indiana Senate Summer time Marijuana Study of 2011 with my testimony quoted in Doug Fine’s book, ‘Too Higher To Fail.’”

From Death Bed to Healer

Final year, his newfound wellness changed Padgett’s disabled status, and he went back to college and educated to be a barber. But, his information of cannabis led him to the realization of other advantageous herbs, which led him to obtain a diploma as a Master Herbalist.

“I began making legal herbal tinctures for sale in barber shop exactly where I perform in Marion, Indiana,” he mentioned. “Initially I produced tinctures from chamomile, sage and plantain – with my most important concentrate on chamomile, as it operates wonderful for anxiousness, depression, and insomnia – and is also a organic allergy fighter and anti-inflammatory.”

Padgett also shared that some clientele have essentially switched from CBD oil to the chamomile tincture for insomnia with other people stating they haven’t been as discomfort absolutely free in years soon after a handful of days use of the tincture.

Padgett’s line of tinctures include things like sage for sore throats, as Padgett explained, it is also a organic antiseptic, assisting with digestive challenges and depression, as effectively as menopause symptoms noting, nursing mothers need to not use sage as it will dry up milk production. The Plantain tincture, he mentioned, is utilised for heartburn and is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. He also added that it is wonderful for bug bites.

“It’s fascinating to note, in barber college we discovered that when barbering initially came to the United States, barbers and herbalists have been 1 in the identical,” Padgett noted. “Barbering is personally rewarding, as you are a lot more than just a person cutting someone’s hair – you are a listener, and in my case, a healer. You are also there for a fast laugh or smile, brightening their day.”

Barbers as Apothecary

Apothecary is the age-old practice of creating treatments from plants, and superseded the pharmaceutical industry’s synthetic patents for centuries, globally.

It is fascinating to note, America’s initially healthcare common in the military was essentially an Apothecary Common, utilizing plants as remedy – such as cannabis. Gen. Andrew Craigie was appointed to the newly made position just soon after the Civil War.

According to the National Barber Museum, the word barber translates to barba, or beard, in Latin. Barber solutions can be traced back to six,000 years to Egypt. Barbers in the middle ages not only shaved and maintained beards, they also performed surgery, dubbing them barber-surgeons. This cross-more than was pragmatic, as barbers had the sharpest knives, and the supposed talent set to use them.

At some point, surgeons and barbers have been separated, with barbers maintaining the suitable to pull teeth. They also kept the famed candy-stripe poles representing red for blood, white for bandages, and blue for veins.

According to The Guilds of Dublin, by John Webb (1929), Apothecaries have been members of the Guild of Barbers, Surgeons, Apothecaries and Periwig makers. The guild, founded in 1446 by Henry VI, was the earliest Royal healthcare foundation in Britain or Ireland. Surgeons have been added by Elizabeth I in 1576.

By 1747 Apothecaries separated from the guild, with barbers continuing to use plant-primarily based individual care solutions for their clientele. Photographs of Apothecary museums show barber razors and apothecary bottles on show with each other.

A fast search on line shows numerous barbers nowadays not only utilizing the word Apothecary, but also creating their personal shaving soaps and lotions, utilizing plant-primarily based compounds.

Although in barber college, Padgett met his present wife, Kylie, who was an instructor. She also operates in the barber shop and is assisting him make a lot more solutions, such as topical creams and lotions for clientele.

Padgett waxes poetic on his function as barber and herbalist, figuring out complete-effectively a plant saved his life.

“Herbs are on this planet for a goal, and that goal is for them to be utilised just the identical as our ancestors did just before major pharma cashed in with mass-developed synthetics,” Padgett concluded. “Cannabis has provided me my life back, and now that I’m healthful once again, I’m in a position to genuinely enable other people heal with plant-primarily based treatments.”

For a lot more facts or to get in touch with Chad Padgett, go to him on Facebook or through his Instagram account @Padgthebarber

Chad and Kylie can be discovered at the five Star Salon &amp Barbershop, 504 North Baldwin Ave., Marion, Indiana

He will ship solutions for a tiny charge.


By Sharon Letts


Initially published in Weed Planet Magazine situation 138


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