Cannabis Legend Franco Loja Dies Aged 42


Sad news currently in 2017 as Cannabis legend Franco Loja has died on January 2nd aged just 42. Shocking news to the Cannabis neighborhood who all know Franco from each the exceptional Strain Hunters documentary series and as the head grower at Green Home Seeds Co. Franco has been a massively outspoken advocate for Cannabis and legalisation and has applied his influence, expertise and network to advantage the globe of weed!

Franco teamed up with Arjan Roskam and in 1985 opened the Green Home in Amsterdam also forming the Green Home Seed Co exactly where they would dedicate their careers to breeding the world’s most desirable cannabis variations.

Franco Loja - Strain Hunters
He gained much more fame in the mainstream and wider cannabis culture right after appearing in the Strain Hunters documentary series alongside longtime small business companion Arjan providing the globe an insight into landraces and getting the most coveted and uncommon Cannabis strains out in the wild all more than the planet. Merely wonderful stuff, if you haven’t currently observed Strain Hunters then go and verify it out.

Tiny is identified at the moment about Franco’s death even though rumours are currently circulating nonetheless we will not comment till or unless a genuine statement is released to stay away from obtaining involved in the rumour mill.

The GreenHouse Seeds Co site is at the moment redirecting guests to a tribute web page committed to Franco and his life with the text Franco is an icon and helped transform so quite a few peoples lives. He will deeply be missed as a brother, father, son, pal and so a lot much more.

A lot more importantly, we say goodbye to a man who has produced a huge effect on our neighborhood and any individual who smokes Cannabis now owe Franco some thanks and applause for his dedication to the plant we really like so a lot!

Franco, Rest In Peace! We hope you continue to make an effect with Cannabis in the afterlife! Go and smoke a bowl with 2Pac.


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