Cannabis Could Enhance the Memory of Older Persons


Researchers from Germany and Israel are attempting to have an understanding of if cannabis can increase brain function after endocannabinoid activity is enhanced by cannabis administration.

For this study, Lead Researcher Andreas Zimmer and his group have had 3 categories of mice. The 1st group was two months old and the second group was twelve months old. The third group was eighteen months old. These 3 groups represented each young, mature and old.

In every single age group, the mice either received a placebo or had an implant that gradually released THC into the blood. This was accomplished regularly for 28 days, just after which various days could pass without having THC. This period of abstinence was recognized as the washout period.

In addition to, all mice( either THC or placebo) participated in memory and behavioural tests. For instance, one particular activity involved testing no matter if other mice had been exposed to ahead of they received placebo or THC by mice.

Yet another test essential the topic mouse to come across a protected platform in a water pool. The time spent for the duration of this activity for all mice in the study was recorded.

The study outcomes had been eye-opening. For instance, young mice( the two- month- old group) showed a deterioration in memory just after they received THC. On the other hand, mature mice( 12 months old) showed an improvement in their thoughts. How could it be?

The researchers studied the brain structures of these mature mice and located that the brains had been abruptly young( like the two- month- old mice). In distinct, the hippocampus has acquired new synaptic spines, a sign that brain neurons can now communicate with every other a lot more effectively and as a result boost brain activity.

In other words, the THC rewrote genetic programming of the mature mice’s brains. The researchers utilized the elimination strategy to lessen any other aspect that could lead to enhanced brain function, and the outcome was that THC reversed the ageing of the brain cells.

What does this imply for folks? The operate carried out by Zimmer, and his group shows that older folks are most likely to see improvements in brain function when they use cannabis. This is not a certainty, nonetheless, till human trials are completed and documented. The fantastic news is that Zimmer has currently secured funding to investigate the effect of THC on human memory function.


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