Cannabis Company Year in Overview


There have been a lot of ups and downs in the sector this year, some of the largest however. Right here are some of the largest moments from this previous year!


Canada Legalizes Cannabis

As MJ Biz Each day reminds us, Canada became a single of the initial nations to legalize cannabis.


Farm Bill Legalizes Hemp

A different big deal for cannabis was the legalization of hemp in the U.S. This will open tons of new doors for chance.


Cannabis Investments on the Rise

There are now a lot more than ever lots of firms investing in legal cannabis.


Some CBD Medicines Removed from Schedule 1 Status

Gradually, the medicine numerous rely on is beginning to be rescheduled and de-scheduled, so that folks can achieve access.


Cannabis Rates Lowered

This may possibly look like a negative issue, but basically it indicates that the sector is leveling out, as black market place pricing is replaced with competitively priced goods.


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