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By Kirsten O’Brien

As significantly as I’d appreciate to lie in bed, watch rom-coms and consume copious amounts of mint chocolate chip ice cream when cramps hit, I just do not have the time. Like quite a few females, I want to “get on with it” and for the previous 5 years health-related marijuana has helped me and thousands like me do precisely that.

Health-related Marijuana and Menstrual Cramps 101

1 of the principal non-psychoactive (which means it will not get you higher) compounds located in cannabis is Cannabidiol (CBD), which is now extensively applied in cannabinoid therapy regimens especially to treat chronic discomfort. With the implementation of Canada’s MMPR then ACMPR program, females who endure extreme premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are now legally permitted to access cannabis strains from licensed producers.

For alleviation of menstrual cramps, I advocate strains that are higher in CBD for their anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties. In truth, many research have shown that higher CBD/low THC strains are extra powerful in treating symptoms that menstrual medicines.

In some instances, individuals locate that ingesting edibles offers longer lasting relief than vaporizing. As edibles take roughly 1 hour to kick in, vaporizing a higher CBD/low THC strain although you are waiting for the edible to take impact is an solution for these in search of quick relief. Some individuals also locate that strains with an even balance of CBD/THC operate greater for evening time as they help not only with discomfort management but also sleep problems.

Some strains to attempt for your menstruation symptoms:

D.S. &amp FITZ’s Embrace (dried cannabis), Canntrust’s CBD #1 (dried cannabis), or CannTrust’s CBD Drops (edible oil) for relief of cramps all through the day

D.S. &amp FITZ ‘s Ambrosia (dried cannabis), Canntrust’s Pennywise (dried cannabis), or CannTrust’s 1:1 Drops (edible oil) for discomfort relief and insomnia.

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For extra info on cannabis and health-related marijuana licensing, e mail [email protected] or contact 1-844-473-6060

Health-related Marijuana and Menstrual Cramps December 27th, 2016Plants Not Tablets

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