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This is Episode #001, Becoming Recognized. Marketing Your Cannabis Enterprise

Thanks for joining me for Episode 1! I have been wanting to launch this for months, and lastly decided that it is much better to launch than to be best. Who desires to be best? Let’s do this!

And if you are watching the replay, I’m content you are right here!

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Now we’re going to be speaking about:

  • The challenges in advertising cannabis.
  • 5 factors you have to have to know to build a winning advertising tactic
  • Understanding how to start off obtaining the Why in your company.


Cannabis regulation feels like it adjustments day-to-day. In California, there are deadlines for retailers coming up on July 1. From the advertising side, in March, the National Cannabis Association proposed marketing requirements to build consistency and to start off self-regulating the industry’s marketing. The state needs differ significantly. In California, it states that “Any marketing or advertising placed in broadcast, cable, radio, print, and digital communications shall only be displayed exactly where at least 71.six % of the audience is reasonably anticipated to be 21 years of age or older, as determined by trustworthy, up-to-date audience composition information.”

71.six% That is a ridiculous quantity.

And the issue is, not of that is constant from state to state, or with the Federal Regulations.

If you are in yet another nation exactly where it is legal (Canada! Uruguay!), then I’d appreciate to hear how these regulations are getting handled.

Most of you are conscious, but it is entertaining to set the state:

For the reason that of the federal regulations, most digital advertising activities are unavailable to us.

Let’s step back and appear at one particular way digital marketers typically feel about on the web marketing, is utilizing 3 pillars:

  • Paid Media – this is defined as the location exactly where you are buying ad space, from paid search, to show advertisements, to sponsorship advertisements, all of that is regarded as paid media.
  • Earned – this is mostly defined as Search Engine Optimization (Search engine marketing) and content material advertising (or, a “inbound marketing”)
  • Owned – these are channels that you personal and have handle more than, like your web page, no one particular can inform you to shut down your web page.


Social media is blurred across all 3 places.

But in Cannabis, paid media as digital marketers traditionally feel about it, is mostly unavailable.

What do you do when you can not use one particular of the pillars?

What do you do if you can use social media, but not reliably, and not without having the awareness that it could be shut down? For no true explanation, like YouTube began performing a couple of months ago.

What can marketers and enterprises do to turn into Recognized if lots of of the channels are no longer obtainable?

Nicely, that is what we cover in this video. More than the coming episodes, we will be exploring what functions for brands that are performing it nicely, what tools are obtainable, folks who are killing it, dispensaries kicking ass, and the tools we can use to make it occur.


5 factors you have to have to know to build a winning advertising tactic

  1. Have Distinct Targets for your company, and for your advertising
    • Build Intelligent Company Targets (Distinct, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely)
    • Recognize your company ambitions that relate to advertising
    • Use them to retain you focused on your priorities
  2. Determine and Recognize Your Target Audience
    • Who they are
    • Exactly where they’re hanging out
    • Exactly where they’re receiving their details?
    • What motivates them? What are their hopes and dreams

Understanding your audience aids you know who you are speaking to, and how you can attain them as effectively as doable.

  1. Your Mission/Vision – KNOW YOUR WHY
    • Understanding the explanation and goal of your company will support you move from getting a commodity to a way of life brand, like Harley Davidson, or Apple.
    • Use what you discovered from your audience to realize how you can transform their discomfort points.  
  2. Be Diverse!
    • Know how your item/service differs from your competitors, and emphasize these places of differentiation.
    • As Sally Hogshead of stated, “Being distinct is much better than getting much better.”
  3. Market place Like You are Back to the Future!
    • Go back to the previous. Be inventive and appear at classic, offline possibilities. Events, print, radio, in-dispensary networks, and so forth. The way the laws and regulations are ideal now, it is a time to be inventive and concentrate beyond just digital.
    • But you do not want to overlook about digital completely. Come back! Come back to the future! Appear at digital possibilities that make sense, due to the fact they do exist.
      • Examples obtainable include things like: Search engine marketing, Content material advertising, social media, ad networks, cannabis networking platforms, some paid media

Clones are excellent for cannabis plants, but not for enterprises. Do you want to be like absolutely everyone else, or do you want your company to stand out?

You want to stand out.

If this is the case, shoot me an e mail at [email protected] and let’s book some time to speak about the ideal advertising for your company!

Tune in to Cannabis Advertising and marketing Reside, subsequent Thursday at 2pm PST, exactly where we’ll be speaking social media. That is ideal, we’re going straight there. For the reason that although DeLoreans are cool, this is not 1985.



Book: Recognized


Ted Speak: It Begins With Why


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