am i addicted? (searching for enable)


this is absolutely a weird post for the sub, but please hear me out. (also, throwaway account)

about a year or so ago, i began smoking weed. i smoke pre-filled wax cartridges, as they’re the most bang for my buck imo. (quick to move about, tiny smell, low-cost, sturdy) i’ve smoked about five or six 1g carts because then, going by way of them about one particular per 1/1.five months, from time to time taking a break for a couple months. like two months ago, i got this seriously good, sturdy (~90%thc) cart that i’ve been smoking regularly, fairly considerably each day just after college. i just completed that cart a couple days ago, but now i’m possessing a dilemma. final evening, i was driving about with my girlfriend, and i began to really feel seriously… funny? i guess. i felt paranoid, like the issues that i was saying had been annoying/didn’t make sense, and that i was pissing off my gf (i asked her, she stated no, and i nevertheless felt like it). i felt super fatigued all of a sudden, and all i wanted to do was place my head down (not to sleep, just to place it down). all round, it felt like the precise opposite feeling of a thc higher for me. (tingly, jittery, mental relaxation, and so forth) i got kinda concerned, as i’ve in no way felt like this ahead of, but i decided to ride it out. the feeling went away just after 10 or so minutes, but came back a further 45 min or so later. thinking about it was my initially time getting comparatively sober (as in not buzzed from the evening ahead of) in the previous week or so, i believed that possibly i was displaying indicators of addiction/withdrawal. is that plausible to any of you who’ve seasoned pot addiction and went clean just after? does everyone have strategies, or possibly a further achievable explanation for this? if this is not the sub for this, i’ll take it down no worries, i’m just attempting to obtain some answers.

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