Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Discusses Weed in Interview, Keeps It 100


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The Democratic celebration is ultimately warming up to cannabis, and the most talked-about Congresswoman of 2019 is surely on board.

In the wake of 2020 presidential-hopeful Kamala Harris going up in smoke through an interview with The Breakfast Club, a reporter from TMZ caught up with newly-elected Congressional rock star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to see exactly where she stands on the sticky topic.

“I surely consider that persons utilised to run away from it, but we just need to have to accept that there is practically nothing far more inherently damaging about marijuana than legal substances like alcohol or something else,” Congresswoman Cortez told TMZ.

AOC continued by especially calling out the War on Drugs, and encouraging cannabis legalization as not only an financial enhance and a matter of individual freedom, but also as a social justice result in.

“I’m glad that we’re moving towards a far more just position as a celebration and that we’re moving to legalize marijuana, but not just legalize marijuana, but to genuinely make up for the damages completed by the War on Drugs and the persons that have been unjustly incarcerated by the War on Drugs,” Congresswoman Cortez stated.

And ultimately, when confronted about Senator Harris’ current admission that she consumed cannabis in college, AOC told TMZ that it was “fine” with her if a sitting president utilised marijuana. Once again, she noted that it was no worse than going out for pleased hour and knocking back a couple of drinks.&nbsp

Considering the fact that leaving life her life as a Bronx bartender to take on her new function as the voice of moral purpose in Congress, AOC has wasted no time creating close buddies with the American public and sturdy enemies in the halls of energy. Her most current comments may possibly only add fuel to that flame. But if offered the chance to either have a beer with the president or smoke a joint with AOC, we’re selecting alternative B more quickly than you can say filibuster.&nbsp

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