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Let’s say you take an Uber and you are in a city exactly where weed is legalized, but you definitely want weed. The query is

My greatest answer would be,

Order your weed on the web and request for discreet delivery. Do not ask you Uber driver something. You know, we can sell and provide you weed.

Even so, let’s see what other folks consider.

1.Steve Cooper

Confident, go ahead and commit a felony! Get each you and the driver in legal problems! Asking a Uber driver to do one thing illegal can be regarded as a conspiracy, which is a felony in most states. That is a extended time in Heartbreak Hotel, and consequences that will comply with you the rest of your life.

Some right here will say, “go ahead, no harm in asking,” but then that puts the driver in a negative spot… The driver will not know if you are a stoner or a cop or a thief. If I have been driving you, and you asked, I’d possibly pull more than and kick you to the curb. The fare is not worth the probable jail time, loss of automobile, and legal costs. And like one particular response right here, the Uber driver could be a cop supplementing his income… that would place you in a negative scenario, no?

two. Carl Ausdenmoore

Not if you want to show that individual respect. Uber operates in states exactly where pot is illegal and it illegal to drive higher everywhere as a result Uber has policies in spot about drugs. Respect their help to you and do not ask them.

Uber also is not an errand service, it is a door to door taxi service.

three. Francis Lapyre

You do comprehend that Uber keeps a record of all trips, do not you? And that the driver is totally free to report his/her encounter with you to the police? And that some drivers have dash-cams in the vehicle for their personal protection?

Performing a service which is not legal is not a great small business model, and asking me in certain to do that will get you in deep doo-doo.

four. Simon Kunze

Confident, it is completely fine to ask but be ready for any answer. Some could possibly be in a position and prepared to aid, other folks will not have a clue or will refuse to aid you – it is their contact and you should really respect their stance on the matter.

But asking? Confident, go ahead! &#x1f642

five. Martin Dulberg

Seriously, why would you even ask such an apparent query? No.

Let me also give you a tip, you by no means know what your Uber driver does for a living. In my location I know of at least two state troopers who do it on the side. Not positive how kindly they would take to the query.


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