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Many cannabis lovers are hunting for a new way to get a complete dose of THC without obtaining to consume an edible (which converts THC into a THC-derivative with sedative values) or smoke, which is harmful, poor for the lungs, outdated, and inefficient. The Honest Marijuana Company eco-conscious cannabis company solved this dilemma with their most up-to-date innovation! They are about to launch double jacket THC capsules that have two strategies of consumption. It is a pill inside of a capsule, so you can just swallow it or open the THC capsule and then spot the pill in water, shake it up, and drink it for an even faster impact!


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This is a very discreet, efficient, effective, and clean new way to consume THCJust after functioning with a European enterprise that has patent-pending technologies more than the final year and a half, Honest Marijuana Company now has the capacity to turn non-water-soluble substances like cannabinoids into nano-size for the cleanest, most effective, healthiest, and most inconspicuous cannabis consumption. These new nano-size THC capsules are confident to transform the face of the marijuana market. 

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