7 Approaches to Elevate Your Higher


Receiving higher is good — but it can be even improved. There are a ton of strategies to bring your higher to the subsequent level, here’s a handful of our faves.

Get a Massage

Very best for Relaxing

If you can muster the power to climb out of the couch, then hop on more than to a massage table. All you have to do is lay there and take pleasure in though a person else does all the tough operate. Unwind as your muscle aches get rubbed away. Inhale the important oils and scented candles and listen to the serene sounds as you dive deeper and deeper into relaxation.  

Consume a Feast

Very best for Munchies

That insatiable hunger when stoned? Give in. Here’s a stoner life hack: get in touch with for delivery, order a feast—we’re speaking appetizers, entrees, desserts, and much more. Soon after all that, it is time to get stoned. Your meals really should arrive in about an hour and after it does, you will be sooo prepared to feast (superior issue you planned ahead!)

Listen to Music

Very best for Chilling  

Music has the potential to take us to a different dimension. The smooth sounds, the rhythmic base, the catchy lyrics—they all come with each other to kind a sound, an knowledge. No matter what genre you are into, turn it on and turn it up though stoned to get the most out of your higher. Let the sound waves wash more than you as you take pleasure in the ride.

Make Some Art

Very best for Creativity

Weed can bring out the finest in us, so let it! If you are feeling inspired, turn to art and express your self. Attempt your hand at painting, drawing, crafting, what ever! Let your inner artiste loose as the marijuana guides your hand. It does not have to be superior to be art as lengthy as it is yours and inspired.

Binge on Netflix

Very best for Zoning Out

Do not really feel like adulting? No trouble! Sit your ass down, cozy up, and turn the tube on. Now’s the time to binge the eff out of Netflix. Rewatch an oldie, choose up a new series, or just widdle your way down your list. The choices are endless on Netflix! Watch you want, when you want—and get higher AF though you are carrying out it.

Create in Your Journal

Very best for Soul-Browsing

Life is tough and in some cases you just need to have to take a tiny time out to reflect. Irrespective of whether it is tension about operate, mates, relationships, loved ones, there’s no improved time to consider on factors than though stoned. When you are higher, your thoughts is open and you are in a position to see factors from a diverse viewpoint. Take this chance to jot your thoughts! At finest, you make a breakthrough. At worst, you operate on your writing capabilities. Sounds like a win-win either way.

Get It On

Very best for Sensuality

We saved the finest for final. Touch feels superior when you are higher but sensual touches really feel good. Take this chance to enjoy up on 1 a different with sex-constructive cannabis solutions like Sextiva Sexual Enhancement Oil and Lube It Intimate Lubrication. You will enjoy it and your companion will thank you (you are welcome).


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