20% CBD Hemp Oil Now In South Africa


CBD Hemp Seed Oil 30ml 20% (6000mg)

Containing 20% CBD, this is one particular of the strongest oils we at the moment provide right here at Cibdol. Combined with a base of hemp seed oil, it provides added positive aspects as a supplement more than our typical oils. It is fantastic for administering bigger doses of extract in a basic, effortless-to-take concentrate. Accessible in two sizes, this solution is our biggest volume of 30ml.

Cibdol 20% CBD Hemp Seed Oil: Our Strongest Oil To Date

This is our most potent oil to date. Aspect of our new collection of CBD Hemp Seed Oils, this oil consists of 20% CBD extracted in our state-of-the-art Swiss laboratory, combined with organic oil developed from hemp seeds. It signifies our 20% CBD Hemp Seed Oil is wealthy in CBD, as nicely as the wide range of valuable compounds naturally located in hemp seeds. Like generally, this solution is fully non-psychoactive.

Hemp seeds have lengthy been renowned as a potent superfood. Taken from the hemp plant, these tiny seeds pack a massive, nutrient-wealthy punch. They are exceptionally higher in plant-primarily based proteins, critical fats (omega three and six), antioxidants, phytosterols, phospholipids, and substantially extra.

Hemp seed oil provides shoppers an option to our olive oil primarily based merchandise, making a richer flavour and added supplementary positive aspects. Blended with our Swiss-created CBD extract, this oil provides a smooth, however potent dose of CBD. As with all of our oils, our CBD is developed from naturally grown hemp and extracted making use of a proprietary supercritical CO₂ course of action. The outcome is a organic oil absolutely free of GMOs, additives and other unnatural merchandise.

At Cibdol, we’re proud to generate “gold standard” CBD oils. All our oils function a purified, golden colour that is only accomplished by means of a rigorous extraction and filtration course of action. In contrast to raw oils, our oils undergo added processing to get rid of any inactive plant matter (such as excess fats, waxes, and contaminants). The finish outcome is a beautifully purified oil that provides the greatest benefits.

Like our other CBD Hemp Seed Oils, this oil consists of complete-seed oil extract that combines all of the important compounds and nutrients located in hemp seeds in a basic concentrate, providing a 100% organic and genuine hemp expertise – with the added advantage of organically grown, potent CBD. Order yours right now to add the overall health positive aspects of hemp and CBD to your diet plan.


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