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In George Orwell’s “1984”the Believed Police evaluation the men and women each selection. They push persons to conform to GroupThink and give up their rights and thoughts as men and women.

In a lot of way the “War on Drugs” has carried out the exact same point to Americans.  People right here, specifically right here in Texas, have formed an opinion on marijuana primarily based on industrial slogans like “This is your Brain on Drugs”. They assume marijuana is negative simply because they have been told it is negative. They have not knowledgeable it. They have not employed the CBD oil to assist with arthritis or the THC to simple the discomfort of cancer. Other states have began to recognize the medicinal and financial advantages of marijuana although Texas gets left behind.

I am writing this weblog simply because Texas is my house. I think there is no compelling explanation for the prohibition of marijuana and I also think that millions of Texans can advantage from this new money crop.

I hope that you love reading and I encourage you to share your thoughts and inquiries with us.


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