What is CBD, CBG and THC? Benefits of the Cannabinoid Effects


What is CBD, CBG, and THC? Benefits & Cannabinoid Effects

First of all, CBD is a short form for Cannabidiol. CBG is a short form for Cannabigerol. While THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). They are all Cannabinoids. Active compounds found in cannabis plants. There are presently more than 400 compounds identified. All very diverse, with different effects. Cannabinoid effects ranging from intoxicating to soothing, curing and relaxing.

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This article concentrates on three of these compounds. CBD, CBG, and THC with their specific cannabinoid effects. They are similar because of their benefits. As we will provide a lot of information, we made this article easier for you to read, with a click on the section most important for you. Therefore, happy reading!
1. CBD– What is it?
2. CBG – What’s that?
3. THC – What is this?
4. The Effects of CBD
5. The Great Effects of CBG
6. THC and its Effects
7. What are the Differences between CBD, CBG, and THC?
8. Final Conclusion

What is CBD?

Well known as Cannabidiol. The most plentiful cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. CBD comes with countless cannabinoid effects. Therefore, it has serious potentials in the medical world. It is believed to normalize the effects of THC, the deuced cannabinoid that causes “high”.

This means that CBD-rich strains of cannabis will induce no haze in the consumer. CBD strains are legal to grow. CBD products are legal to consume in a lot of countries. Products made out of cannabis strains with a low level of THC (below 1.0%) will not make you high.

Cannabidiol stands in a close connection with THC. Regular cannabis strains do have CBD:THC ratios of 1:1. Meaning that high CBD strains usually do contain high THC levels as well. Cannabis Companies like Mountain Grades, try constantly to breed new genetics of hemp varieties. One of the worlds CBD-rich cannabis with low THC is MG Green Indica. A strain with 21.8% CBD. While THC is lower than 0.8%. That’s a unique CBD:THC ratio of 27:1. Therefore, huge cannabinoid effects in CBD.

What is CBG?

cannabigerol cbg skeleton

Also called Cannabigerol. It is the mother of all cannabinoids. The primary cannabinoid. Consequently, the chemical parent of CBD and THC. Cannabis plants do produce CBGA (cannabigerolic acid). This is the precursor to the three main cannabinoid lines: THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), and CBCA (cannabichromenic acid).

CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, same as CBD. Cannabigerol is a truly wonderful cannabinoid. It has become known for its anti-bacterial qualities. Also associated with the feeling of relaxation. Therefore, CBG is quite similar to CBD. While on its own, it has also been shown to have more and stronger medicinal qualities than any other cannabinoid. Most noteworthy, CBG seems to come without side effects. Unlike CBD, only a small quantity of CBG is available in cannabis strains. Therefore, CBG products are more expensive.

To gain high CBG strains, breeders like Mountain Grades experimenting with cross-breeding of plants. Some scientists try their luck with genetic manipulation. Crossing CBG-rich yields like Cannabis Sative L are showing great success without changing their genetics. The production of higher CBG content is working fine. The breeding team of Mountain Grades already had great results, simply by shortening the flowering cycles and optimization of extraction time from crossed Sativa varieties.

Finally, the first CBG-rich products will come on the market within the next couple of days. The first product available will be a high-quality CBG Hemp Oil. While regular CBD Hemp Oil Drops do not contain cannabigerol, the first MG CBG Hemp Oil will contain terpene as well. Probably the best quality cannabis oil on the planet and full of medicinal potential.

What is THC?

tetrahydrocannabinoi thc skeleton

Tetrahydrocannabinol is the most known cannabinoid in cannabis. THC stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a lipid found in cannabis. This cannabinoid is responsible for the psychoactive effect when consuming cannabis. THC stimulates parts of the brain. Causing the release of dopamine and creating a kind of euphoria. THC as a cannabinoid effects relieving pain and inflammation. Combined they cause a sense of relaxation.

Most of all, THC is listed as a Narcotic Drug in most countries on this planet. Therefore, THC-rich cannabis is illegal. Pharmaceutical companies try to use dronabinol (the formulation of THC) in a synthetic form. Dronabinol trade names like Marino or Syndros are available by prescription. Approved by the FDA, dronabinol is an appetite stimulant for AIDS patients. Furthermore, it is an antiemetic for people with cancer, receiving chemotherapy. These cannabinoid effects are very strong for sure.

What are the Effects of CBD?

cbd capsules cannabis extracts

– Users of CBD feel calm and relaxed after the use, and they do not need other forms of prescription drugs.
– Cannabinoids are neuroprotective as well as an antioxidant. Often used to prevent and treat diseases and age-related conditions that have to do with the immune system and inflammation.
– Some research has shown that CBD helps improve everyday well-being and life generally for users and even extends to pets.
CBD is safe as proven. Even though research is still ongoing in the compound to help maximize its potentials, so many users testify to its lack of side effects and the amazing benefits they derive from CBD.
CBD is the second compound with the most concentration in cannabis with forty percent after THC another cannabinoid.
CBD is not cannabis and is different from THC that causes the ‘high’ of cannabis. It does not have drug-like qualities. It is safe medically and not an intoxicant.
CBD is legal in most jurisdictions, and you have no fear of breaking the law by using it in any of its variants.
– With its many health benefits and lack of side effects, CBD remains a choice health supplement for everyone seeking to live a healthy lifestyle.

What are the Benefits & Effects of CBG?

cbg cannabis oil vs cbd hemp oil

– CBG as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid does not interrupt the mental faculties. CBG does not get you high. You are safe from the haze that comes with cannabis or other cannabinoids like THC. It, however, interacts with the body in several other ways:
– CBG is a potent appetite stimulant. Based on a study conducted by University of Reading researchers in 2016 and 2017, CBG has been shown to increase appetites.
– Research has also shown that CBG also has the potential to prevent the growth of some tumors and that it has qualities that enable it to protect the neuro-system.
– There are also several claims that CBG can affect neurotransmission in the brain and as a result, inhibit pain.
– According to Goldstein in a video for WeedMaps. “When GABA is inhibited, you have muscle relaxation, and you have anti-anxiety effects, so it [CBG] appears to promote similar effects that CBD has. It also appears to have antidepressant and some modest antifungal properties.”
– When ingested, it provides the body with a calm and relaxing mode and can be used as a form of stress relief treatment.
– Further to Dr. Goldstein’s claim, some researchers in Italy found that CBG has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
– CBG may also be useful in treatment for skin conditions as it induces production of natural skin moisturizers.
– Finally, with its inherent qualities, CBG proves useful for the treatment of several conditions including several kinds of cancer and even glaucoma.

The Effects of THC?

– THC is psychoactive. This cannabinoid effect makes you “high”!
– It gives you a dry mouth (dreaded “cottonmouth).
– Dry, red eyes, as THC is known to lower blood pressure. It dilates blood vessels in the eyes, which is leading to redness.
– Increased hunger. Because THC stimulates areas of the brain associated with appetite.
– Sleepiness, which can also be seen as a benefit. THC fights insomnia and promotes resting.
– Lethargy! THC can also induce naps or an early night’s sleep.
– Memory impairment. THC can be an annoying affliction. Even it appears to be temporary.

What are the main Differences between CBD, CBG, and THC?

cbg rich cannabis sativa l

Despite their similarities and benefits, CBD CBG and THC are three different active compounds found in the cannabis plant. They all have varying chemical structures and are found in different concentrations.

Because CBG is very rare, it is waiting to receive as much attention as CBD. Still, CBG is one of the most important cannabinoids. The other compounds are formed from CBG. Apart from that, it also has awesome medical qualities, maybe even more than CBD.

THC is still considered as a drug. Therefore, we highly recommend that you stay away from THC. As a result, the only legal way for medical patients to consume THC is dronabinol. It is available by prescription only.

Relevant, there is a little possibility of addiction when you consume one or more compounds in very high quantities. Furthermore, there is a very slim chance of getting high too. Especially, where the extraction process has not been done properly or the final products were not tested in a laboratory. Always keep an eye on your Cannabidiol supplier and make sure they show you lab analysis of each product you buy.


It is apparent from the above that cannabinoids, CBD, CBG as well as THC, have therapeutic qualities. Most noteworthy, CBG with its ongoing research and study promises a lot of medicine. As it stands, there is enough research work to show that it is safe to consume and is beneficial to the consumer’s health. Seems like CBD in the same vein, from years of use and research, is already a force to reckon with when pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Researchers keep finding medical uses and potentials for each cannabinoid.

As a result, you know now the several health benefits of the Cannabinoid effects. Finally, you can make health decisions on lifestyle choices. Especially our range of CBD and CBG products are the best you can find out there in terms of quality assurance. From growing them to extraction and manufacture, we make sure that everything is organic, legal and seriously tested.

What are your experiences with Cannabinoids? Let us know with a comment below and feel free to chat with our community.


What is CBD, CBG and THC? Benefits of the Cannabinoid Effects

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What is CBD, CBG and THC? Benefits of the Cannabinoid Effects


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