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Saturday Spotlight

Interview with Suzannah Rowan, group member in the Hartford, CT workplace.

-What are the situations you are presently treating with cannabis?
“I have been employing cannabis for a quantity of them. I have occipital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, zygomatic neuralgia, temporal neuralgia, and facial neuropathy in my peripheral nerves.”

-How extended have you been battling these situations?
“I was diagnosed in 2011. I went by way of more than a year of testing, trialing about 50 drugs to attempt and treat my situations. I located a doctor who created an experimental surgery to treat the bring about of my discomfort, not just the symptoms. From 2012-2013, I traveled back and forth to Washington D.C. and had four surgeries inside a handful of months of every single other. With no test out there to confirm a diagnosis with out surgery, this was by far the greatest danger I have taken in my life. With good accomplishment from the surgeries and the capacity to treat my everyday discomfort with cannabis, this has permitted me to be capable to go back to perform and have a typical life once more.”

-What was the therapy strategy your physicians advised to you immediately after you had been diagnosed?
“They prescribed me most out there opioids to treat my discomfort. In addition to opioids, I was prescribed steroids, anti-depressants, anti-nausea drugs, numerous various anti-seizure drugs, anti-migraines, properly more than 50 various pharmaceuticals at the age of 18. On major of the drugs I also went by way of a lot of procedures to manage the discomfort. I had numerous nerve blocks, radio frequency ablation, and acupuncture. I was even recommended to acquire a neurostimulator implant which is like a pacemaker for your nerves.”

-Which consumption procedures of cannabis do you make use of to treat your situation?
“When I 1st decided to attempt cannabis as a therapy, flower was all that was out there to me. Dispensaries had been not out there in Connecticut however. It was the only issue I had attempted that brought me quick relief. As the healthcare plan created, I was capable to attempt other possibilities like vape pens and tinctures. Flower and vape pens are how I treat my breakthrough discomfort now. I make use of tinctures for longer lasting discomfort management all through the day.”

-You perform for Canna Care Docs as a group member in our Hartford, CT workplace. What would you say is your favored aspect of your job with us?
“My favored aspect of the job is watching a patient come into education exceptionally nervous, doubting that this is going to perform for them, and seeing them stroll out complete of hope and excited to start off their cannabis journey. Sharing my story with sufferers truly aids them see that this is a actual choice and that they could be a accomplishment story also. I appreciate educating on how cannabis can be utilised to treat so a lot of various situations, how to consume cannabis, and making sure that they are comfy when they start off their journey into cannabis medicine. Educating the sufferers and assisting combat mis-data is the most crucial aspect of our job. It reminds me of how I felt, hopeless, when I was diagnosed with my situations and told I would be on opiates for the rest on my life to manage the discomfort. There are other possibilities out there and there is hope. I appreciate receiving to be a aspect of that journey with our sufferers.”


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